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    Default Happy Vs. Orange Verte

    I have a few more drops of Clinique Happy left,
    and was wondering whether I should switch to Hermes Orange Verte.
    I've heard that Orange Verte is notorious for it's lack
    of longevity.. but so is Clinique Happy.. Any side by side comparison ?

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    Default Re: Happy Vs. Orange Verte

    From what I dimly remember of Happy, it is WAY more long-lived than Orange Verte. Orange Verte almost dispappears before it hits your skin. smells great.
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    Default Re: Happy Vs. Orange Verte

    Then Orange Verte must REALLY fade fast!

    Happy lasts much longer for me if I layer it with something else. I usually end up mixing it with Aveda PureFume Full Spectrum #9, which is jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood. The Aveda overpowers it for the first 2 hours or so, but then it fades away and the Happy really shines. After about 4 hours on the skin, the Happy is SO delicious, you just want to lick your arm. It reminds me of a resort I used to stay at alot, it's not overwhelmingly citrusy like some citruses are - it's instead just a beautiful blend that is sharp at first but mellows down to be such a fantastically smooth blend...

    If I wear it alone however, the Happy will last maybe 6-8 hours, but it doesn't project for more than an hour. It will stay on you, VERY close to the skin after then, and only really come out when you get overheated.

    I do find that it lasts a bit longer if I use the bodywash and aftershave. The aftershave smells much better than the bodywash, however. It's much more true to the fragrance in my opinion (and the aftershave smells on first sniff the way the EDT does after about 4 hours (which is the best phase of the fragrance.)

    If you don't mind refreshing after a few hours in order for it to project a bit, I HIGHLY recommend Happy. It's a truly fantastic citrus, my favorite citrus release in a LONG time.

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    Default Re: Happy Vs. Orange Verte

    Happy will last a long time and will give awesome sillage if you bathe in it. When i had Happy i had to completely soak my left forearm, my right forearm, and then my neck. If you do that it lasts and lasts and lasts. I wont buy Happy again because i dont like doing that. LOL!!!!!

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    Default Re: Happy Vs. Orange Verte

    Yeah, I agree - I have to spray a TON. I go through a 4 oz bottle in like 4 months with this one (Definately my most worn fragrance.) Good thing it's not too expensive.

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