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    Default Bigarade Concentree VS Cologne Bigarade


    I'm new here, and I have not yet mentioned how much I appreciate you guys for always willing to help newcomers like me with all of your massive knowledge. I have not been writing alot yet, but I'm going to write alot more in the future, I promise!

    Last week I got my samples from Frederic Malle, and now I consider buying Bigarade Concentree, which is out of the three samples something I was looking for. Although I also like Eau d'Hiver very much. The problem is that I don't quite know should I get the cologne or the concentrated version.

    How much weaker do you guys think the cologne is, what about longevity? What are the differences between the two considering notes, if there are any, and which one do you prefere?

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    Default Re: Bigarade Concentree VS Cologne Bigarade

    I haven't tried the cologne but I really like the Concentree. It lasts all day on me and had a bitter orange note that I really like. *All the Frederic Malles are pricey though I was lucky to get a bottle in a trade.

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    Default Re: Bigarade Concentree VS Cologne Bigarade

    I'm doing a side by side test now, and to me there seems to be just a little difference, but not much. The topnotes of the regular cologne seem somewhat more sparkling but fade quicker. The topnote of the concentree, the bitter orangenote, seems to stay a lot longer together with some warmer notes. From the regular one I can only smell the base now, while from the concentree I can still smell some topnotes. (ofcourse that's why it's called concentree I guess). If I had to choose between these two I'd go for the concentree, but the difference is very minimal.

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    Default Re: Bigarade Concentree VS Cologne Bigarade

    Thank you Eric! I know it would be rational to go with the concentree that I have already tried, but that 100ml bottle of cologne is actually cheaper than the 50ml of concentree, so I got greedy to get more juice. Any other opinions?

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    Default Re: Bigarade Concentree VS Cologne Bigarade

    Considering......50ml of the concentrate=150ml of the cologne..ummmmm,I'd say you didn't get such a good deal, the concentrate is three times stronger than the regular.I owned the regular 250 ml size,and the staying power sucked.then I bought the concentrate when it was released, and I was totaly hooked..for $35 more I get triple amount of juice.

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    Default Re: Bigarade Concentree VS Cologne Bigarade

    I'm pretty sure I mention this in my Basenotes review (do a Fragrance Search for Bigarade and you'll find it) but for me at least, the Concentrée is not only longer-lasting, but it's a slightly different balance. The difference between them is slight, but I think it's there. Cologne Bigarade is a little bit sweeter, I find, with more rose in it, while the Bigarade Concentrée is drier, with more bitter orange sparkle, not only in the top notes, but also throughout the scent. They both last pretty long on me, though. If I were choosing between them, I'd choose the Concentrée version. (And I mean to do just that, as soon as I save enough of the disposable income to splurge on Malle. I find all of the Frédéric Malle's that I've been able to sample have been so well made, so different and so interesting that I'd love to own more of them - more in number as well as quantity.)

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