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    Default Annick Goutal Mandragore

    AG's newest release is definitely a winner. A subtle blend of mandrake (ala Harry Potter), pepper, star anise, mint, boxwood and ginger Mandragore is not the dark scent one would expect from its name or list of ingredients. Instead, it is a light, green, spicey summer scent that smells like no other. The early notes seem almost fruity with a suggestion of mango and grapefruit - this is perhaps the mandrake? The pepper, anise and mint bring up the middle in an interesting transition that finally flows into a spicey boxwood base. I have to give it a big thumbs up on originality (and the fact that it smells good). The only downside is a somewhat limited longevity. On my skin it lasts about 4 hours or so. I don't mind reapplying, though, to reexperience the top notes. Mandragore is very unisex as it has absolutely no qualities that would suggest it be worn by either sex.

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    Yes, i agree. This is a surprisingly bright scent. Almost citrusy and quite minty. The mandrake is a bitter root. It's most prominent in the drydown of this scent. [smiley=wink.gif]

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    Thanks Milamber. I couldn't pick the mandrake root out of the mix. I'll look for it at the bottom.

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    This is indeed excellent. I have seen some reviews that call it boring but I disagree. Many AG scents are available in EdP as well as EdT. I sure hope this one becomes available in EdP. That would likely solve the longevity problems and even make it a bit deeper. I thought I got some mango too and it even seemed a tad similar to the opening of Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil but that quickly changes.


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    I agree, perfect for summer.

    It reminded me of Etro's Anice.I didn't realise that it actually contained mandrake. I was under the impression that the mandrake part was a fantasy type note which consists partly of the Anise.

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