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    Default Gres Pour Homme vs. Homme de Gres

    I just won the former in an Ebay auction

    Does anyone know anything about Gres Pour Homme? I had a lot of trouble finding the notes for this. I bought it out of curiosity after reading a biography of Madame Gres. Is it just the older version of Homme de Gres, or is it a different fragrance altogether?

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    Default Re: Gres Pour Homme vs. Homme de Gres

    Congratulations on your successful bid! I've never tried the Gres pour Homme. I'd love to hear your comment after you try it. I noticed the ebay seller described it as a EdCologne splash whereas the foto shows it as a EdToilette spray.


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    Default Re: Gres Pour Homme vs. Homme de Gres

    Hi, 'Gres Pour Homme' is a completely different scent to 'Homme De Gres' 'Gres Pour Homme' has base notes of leather and wood and a distinctive top note that makes this scent unique. Often referred to as a vintage scent now and quite rightly so as it is getting harder to find. It is possible to see sample size bottles on sites such as Ebay, but the 4oz bottle unopened and unaffected by light air definitely a rare find now. Although I did manage to bag myself a bottle recently from the Ebay site in the U.S.

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