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    Default Antaeus...and Question

    Finally bought a decant of this amazing Chanel, and I am blown away! Like the reviewers said, it is intensely masculine and great smelling and reminds me of JHL--not the scent, but the masculinity to put hair on your chest from 30 paces!

    Now, question. This one comes on like gangbusters, and yet, 30 minutes later I can hardly smell it. It seems to have very little sillage or lasting power.

    There was a recent thread about the weakness of either Allure or Antaeus and I'm wondering if it was this one.

    Anyone else have a similar problem?

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    I LOVE Antaeus, but was so disappointed in the longevity. *You'd think that a fragrance with cujones like Antaeus would have some staying power, but no. *So, although I really love the scent, I don't think I'll be replacing it. *I think Six Cats has mentioned having the same experience with Antaeus.

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    I wonder if perhaps it starts so strongly that it fades only in comparison. My wife claims she can smell it long after I am able.

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    Might be a thread I started that you remember. At first I had real issues with this one as far as lifespan was concerned, but the weird thing is I no longer do. I am now able to sense it on me for hours. Can't really say why the change happened, but it must be me 'cuz I'm still working off the same bottle as before.

    I now am OK with the longevity of Antaeus, and with that concern gone it has become one of my most favorite scents. I agree it is one of the most masculine ever, and it is one of only two scents where it clearly makes people around me act differently.

    Can't say enough good things about this one. Perhaps if you gave it a few more tries you will find you can sense it longer into the day (or night) as I did? Don't know, but to me this one is worth the effort...great stuff.

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    On me it lasts whole day. I am perplexed! [smiley=huh.gif]
    "Whereof one cannot speak, one must remain silent thereof." --Wittgenstein

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    lasts most of the day on me too.

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    Very poor lasting ability on me. I' m talking 1 hour here.

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    On my oily skin, Antaeus lasts all day if oversprayed! if I spray just one or two times, It lasts half day (maximum) [smiley=huh.gif]
    Without a doubt, in my top 5 [smiley=smiley.gif]

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    Quote Originally Posted by phantagarow
    On me it lasts whole day. I am perplexed! *[smiley=huh.gif]
    Me, too.


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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    I'm waiting for my Bottle in the mail. Just ordered it yesterday
    Antaeus seems to be highly body-chemistry dependent, lasting so differently on different
    people as you guys mention. Must be the beeswax or something in it.
    Actually these days I like colognes which DON'T last too long because I gag on the same smell lasting for so long.
    Hoever when I detect traces of it , specoially it eveolves into a different smell, then I love it.

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    Default Re: Antaeus...and Question

    I can still smell Antaeus Loud and clear on a shirt that I wore last month !
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