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    Default Help choosing samples

    Hello there!

    I´m ordering 7 samples from first-in-fragrance and would really like som help in choosing the last three.

    So far I've decided to go with:
    1) C & S Neroli, since I´m searching for a herbal neroli scent.
    2) Penhaligon´s Blenheim Bouquet, simply because I love it and need a
    refill for travels.
    3) Parfums 06130, cedar is the greatest and I can´t wear Gucci Rush
    every day.
    4) A d P Colonia Assoluta, summer scent de luxe

    So the ones I´m choosing between now are:

    Carthusia Mediterraneo (sounds great with green tea and lemon but is it too feminine and is there a frag with green tea that is any good? I hope, I hope...)

    C d G EdP since it sounds like a spicy treat.

    LV Oumo (since it´s a Villoresi...)

    SMN Nostalgia (sounds like an amazing leather fragrance)

    Penhaligon´s Castile and or Lords/Douro (since I like BB and think Castile might be a neroli goodie)

    Castle Forbes Gentlemen´s Cologne (since it sounds like a good clean scent with pine in it)

    Lastly I´m thinking about dÓrsays Etiquette bleue, Arome 3 and/or Nomade.

    PHEEEEEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! It´s not easy being fragrance crazy and indecisive...
    All help is much appreciated good or bad experiences of the ones above

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ Have a good spring, here in Sweden everyone is grinning like they won the lottery now that the sun is shining after a looooong winter
    / Tobbe

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    Default Re: Help choosing samples

    SMN Nostalgia is out of stock. I tried to order a sample in january, but they told me it's out of stock and the won't get it anymore. That was in january 2005.
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    Default Re: Help choosing samples

    CdG EdP is a must try! I liked Nostalgia also, although it's got a weird rubbery leather note apparently to try to emulate the scent of those old sports cars. Of the D'Orsay's, Arome 3 seemed the most interesting. I don't know the others well enough to comment.

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    Default Re: Help choosing samples

    Thank you very much. A shame that they were out of "Nostalgi" since it seemed like a truly original scent...
    Of the dòrsays I was also leaning towards the Arome 3.

    Good views, fellas!!

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    Default Re: Help choosing samples

    Hello! I agree that CdG EdP is a must-try, so I would get the three I've left below. These are all significantly different from the others, and together this is a well-rounded sample set you are getting. Have fun!


    Quote Originally Posted by Tobbe
    So the ones I´m choosing between now are:

    C d G EdP since it sounds like a spicy treat.

    LV Oumo (since it´s a Villoresi...)

    Lastly I´m thinking about dÓrsays Etiquette Bleue

    / Tobbe

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    Default Re: Help choosing samples

    I highly recommend the SMN Nostalgia. I've never smelled anything else like it: tons of *strong* leather, with additional "car-related" notes (rubber? oil?) I love it.

    I just bought a bottle of Etiquette Bleue for my GF after we both sampled it a couple weeks ago. I really like it, but I feel like it might be a tad too feminine for me to wear. Like all the D'Orsay scents I've tried, it smells extremely "refined."

    If you're ever able to get the SMN Nostalgia, be sure to post your observations!
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    Default Re: Help choosing samples

    My choices for the remaining 3 would be

    Carthusia Mediterraneo - I've tried every "lemony" scented frag on the planet and this is by far my favorite. Not feminine at all ... IMHO.

    LV Uomo - Every time I put this on, I like it better and better. Screams masculinity!

    CdG EdP - The previous posts said it already.

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