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    Default Allure and Allure Sport

    After I found the deo stick of the Sport-version (+after shave and shover gel) I decided to take them out of the closet and try both again. I love the smell of both scents but always found them much too weak and almost disappering after 30 minutes. I have worn Sport for 3 days and then the original for 3 days now and much to my surprice I found that the Sport-version actually lastet quite a bit longer that the original Allure. Is that really true or could that be because of the deo stick?

    What's your opinion?


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    Default Re: Allure and Allure Sport

    Mic- Why don't you try the same test using an unscented deodorant like Tom's? I would assume that just as a particular scent might last longer on one person than another due to body chemistry, two scents may last differently as well. On me the Allure lasts longer than the Sport version.

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    hey Mic! True, original Allure does sit close to the skin after a few hours, but it lingers softly on me at least. With the sport, I've found that with many of those synthetic-like fragrances, they just last and last - get stronger on the skin even. I must admit, the sport is growing on me, albeit slowly.

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