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    Default Review: Creed Neroli Sauvage

    I got a sample vial of Neroli Sauvage with a recent order and I finally got to tested it out today. *I usually like to find a nice quiet day around the house to try out new scent incase something goes horribly wrong. *It started out orange/floral which really didn't surprise me from what I'd read about it here on the board. *But all the notes but the citrus seemed somewhat muddled and confused. *I could smell them but they just seemed to merge together into one lump smell, like the components were smashed together in a press before extracting the oils for and adding them to the mix.

    After about 3 hours both the citrus and the flowers (almost) were gone and it changed into a mildly woody scent that was somewhat reminiscent of crushed sweet tarts. *It was very different to say the least. *And now in hour 4 the sweet tarts are mostly gone and it is just a very very light wood that probably won't last into hour 5 before it disappears.

    I would give it average longevity marks because the sample was small and it seems like atomizers (which this one didn't have) always help increase longevity over roll-on.

    Neroli Sauvage was a cologne I sniffed the whole time I was wearing it, not so much because I was falling in love with it, but because I was trying to make sense of it. *It started orange and floral, changed into a sweet/spicy wood and then just into wood with the very slight hint of what used to be the Neroli. *I'd give it a 3.5 on a 1 to 5 scale. *It has an alluring quality to it that makes you always want one more sniff, but the top notes are a little too fleeting and it changes drastically when you reach the dry down. *I would probably buy it if I came across a good deal, but I doubt I'd pay full internet price for it. *

    Feedback is more than welcome


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    Default Re: Review: Creed Neroli Sauvage

    You know, there is a problem with some samples and even some bottles in general. It's the quality. I just received some sample vials from Mr. Gamboa [smiley=dankk2.gif]
    One of the samples I asked for was Mechant Loup. Now, I already own an original sample vial of Mechant Loup and I'm glad I got this second one.
    I've posted here before about this complaining about the intensity of ML. The original sample I can hardly smell - it's soo faint at heart ....

    Now the sample from Mr. Gamboa is unbelievably intense! Obvieously the original sample's quality is not what it should be. The list goes on: I once owned a terrible bad sample from Millésime Impérial. You could tell it's MI, but the Top Notes were gone in about three seconds. What was left was a terrible rancid smell, which should be the basenotes - but distorted ungracefully.
    It was just yesterday when I pulled out the big 4.0 oz MI bottle and was so impressed by the quality - it blew me right away actually. Normally I use some left decants of MI I ordered a while ago and have to finish.

    So the thing about Neroli Sauvage is, I get a citrus or lemon smell from it that has quite a "meaty" feeling, which was described brilliantly by some other members here a while ago.
    I once owned two 2.5 oz bottles and one decant - they all smelled the same. The citrus never left and orange/floral notes I never could detect.

    After all this remains in my Top 5 - it's maybe the best spring scent I've encountered yet. The combination of the citrus notes makes this very smooth and like velvet to the nose. Not at all harsh. This is a fragrance that lures you in once you get a whiff. Inhaling it is like falling into the softest down cushion possible - it gently embraces, comforts and caresses you. Everything unpleasant recedes and all is right with the world when you're under it's magical influence.

    That's Neroli Sauvage. Six stars (out of five) !

    .... and now - it's time for a bath [smiley=bath.gif]

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