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    Default Is LV Yerbamate as green as Creed OV?


    *Nice to finally be able to log back on, I hope this post finds the Community well.

    I haven't had an opportunity to try LV Yerbamate; may order a sample of it later, but here's the rub:

    I like the scent of Creed OV well enough, but let's face it - it wears off me in about 3 minutes, and while it's green, it dissapates so quickly that it can only be considered a disappointment, IMHO.

    So, for anyone who has tried Yerbamate and OV, what do you think? *More green? *More staying power? *A scent in an altogether different direction?


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    Default Re: Is LV Yerbamate as green as Creed OV?

    Quote Originally Posted by TemporaryLover
    More green? *More staying power? *A scent in an altogether different direction?

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. Yerbamate is sweet. While OV claims to have the grass accord that Yerbamate has, the LV concoction is is very different. It's much stronger, much sweeter, and has a large blast of powder in it. It's one I can't wear that often, but when I revisit it on occassion rather enjoy it. But it is a great scent in and of itself and is nothing if not unique. OV is quiet, Yerbamate screams.

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    Default Re: Is LV Yerbamate as green as Creed OV?

    Yerbamate is a greener and bolder scent that OV. While OV has loads of orange in the top notes rendering it sweet/citrusy at first, Yerbamate has the dry hay/grass/bitter leaf green notes to it (no citrus/sweet). Hence for a good time after initial spray Yerb is much more strong in green, has loads of mate (used to make a coffee-like drink). However, during drydown OV turns into a very pleasent subtle vetiver/sandalwood scent. Yerb OTOH turns into trademark LV sickly sweet powder WTF?? So, while I can appreciate the top notes for greeness I cannot stand the sweet powder in Yerb. Strangely for a green scent I wear Y more in winter (if at all) than summer (not with the powder). OV has good lasting power on me (if you count the vetiver/sandalwood finish) and I wear it lot more than Yerb. I would say in the "pure green" phase longevity there is a slight edge to Yerb. OV stabilizes after that, Yerb goes downhill.
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    Default Re: Is LV Yerbamate as green as Creed OV?

    As the spring started, I started my "green" period buying essaying different green scents like Dyptique l'ombre dans l'eau, Virgilio and Oyedo, Creed OV, etc... and finally i bought Yerbamate.
    It has strong contraddicting evolution: starting like cut herbs, very simple and fresh like a walk on the grass, dry with a hint of bitter notes (due to the tea I suppose...), then appears the mate note giving a less sharp core. The drydown become then powdery and sophisticated, but still green, bright, masculine and very elegant.
    Its staying power is great: it lasts more than 8 hours on me.
    I suggest you to sample it before buyng it because of its evolution.

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    Default Re: Is LV Yerbamate as green as Creed OV?

    Timely post as I just received my 100ml Yerbamate from Lusciouscargo. I've also owned Creed OV for a few months now. I'm terrible at describing notes and stuff but I think the previous posts did that.

    But my personal take is that they aren't alike at all. They both smell fantasic but in different ways. Yerbamate, to me, does dry down powdery but in a good way. Very masculine and reminds me of the scent of a very expensive soap. Creed OV, is very fresh and has been a favorite "daytime" scent for me a while now. Definitely "green" and smells a bit like fresh grass to me. A bit short lasting but I've found the best way to wear it is a few spritzes on my chest before putting my undershirt on. Then, a few on my neck and a couple on the neck of my shirt.

    Funny story ...

    I was in Sam's Club a few days ago and a woman and her husband chased me down an aisle and asked me what I was wearing. When I told them it was Creed's Original Vetiver, I got a blank stare from both. The husband even asked me if they had it there at Sam's (Sam's has a glass showcase with some designer fragrances .... Armani, RL, etc..). I didn't have the heart to tell them that even a small 1 oz. bottle is close to $100. They said they didn't have a computer so I couldn't even suggest some of the cheaper online merchants.

    Anyway, my point is, even though OV is relatively short lived with normal application, there are ways to wear it to make it last. I mean, if 2 people can smell me passing by them in a 200,000 sq. foot warehouse ....[smiley=cool.gif]

    IMHO, both Yerbamate and OV are great scents, and will be worn by me a lot.

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    Default Re: Is LV Yerbamate as green as Creed OV?

    LV Yerbamate is the greenest scent i own next to What about Adam but that Joop offering is more of a synthetic sweet greeness while the Yerbamate is natural grassy green that dries down powdery. It is less subtle than the Creed OV and lasts a whole lot longer IMO. Love Yerby!

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