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    Default Paul Smith London or M7 Fresh?

    Or in other words,is P. S. London suitable for warmer times?After consecutive samplings I feel that the above scents should be a nice addition to my already tasteful collection [smiley=grin.gif] .M7 Fresh is different from the original (which I almost detest),much more wearable and good for the autumn/summer.London smells "green" and since Goodlife has been finished long ago,I look for something similar.Do you think that London is better for daytime or for evening use?(I think the former).It is clear that these two are different but I narrowed my choices between them.What's your opinions?
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    Default Re: Paul Smith London or M7 Fresh?

    I wore Paul Smith London just yesterday during the daytime, and it worked fine. *At night, I think something a bit heavier might be better; as I wrote in the Lui thread, I think, well, Lui might be suitable as an evening rendition of Paul Smith London as the "itchy wool" base of both seem quite similar.

    On a sidenote, I got some really gushing notes of praise on the Paul Smith London. *The serving lady in the studio commissary practically lept over the steam trays at me. *(Of course, the fact that she could smell me over all that food makes me want to re-evaluate my application procedures...) * [smiley=huh.gif]

    ETA: As for "warmer times," Paul Smith London should be good for spring and autumn, but in the real heat of summer, I don't think it would do too well. It does have a rather significant woody base, after all. Still, I think it head-and-shoulders above the wishy-washy, by-committee bastardized M7 Fresh.

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