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Thread: Hugo Boss Soul

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    Default Hugo Boss Soul

    Can anyone tell me how I can get the new frag by Hugo Boss called Soul. Is it available in the USA?
    Has anyone tried this new scent? Would like to hear from you.

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    Tried it today. It's warm,soft and woody at the same time. Boss Soul is somewhere between Tam Dao and Kenzo Jungle. I'm usually not a huge Boss fan but this one isn't bad a all.

    For a slightly older/more sophisticated Boss customer, not really for a teenager imho.

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    I have a small sample of this and did like it......nothing outstanding but pleasant enough.


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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    I'm loving this one, a little reminiscent of other colognes but with a new twist. I love it and will be searching for a bottle soon.

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    After all the positive comments on BN I decided to try it again. I got a sample which I will wear "full body" soon but also sprayed my hand. I still think it is "Dark Blue in Motion" a little pepper.

    Nice but not worth a buy if you have a lot of scents already.........but for a "beginner" it is good (not saying that I will never buy it ;D).


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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    Quite nice. Then again I like some of the earlier Boss stuff as well. I definitely subscribe to Cedrics desription, I think thats right on.


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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    Maybe thatís just my skin, but my first thought when I smelled Soul, was this is some kind of mixture between Rochas Aquaman (although not so sharp) and Hugo Dark Blue (although not so sweet as this one). Definitely for more mature man but generally my first impressions were not so good, actually I didnít find anything new in this SOULless fragrance. Iím still waiting for Baldessarini Del Mar.

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    I like it .But hey, I like 'DKNY Be Delicious(urine in a bottle) too! I admit it, I have bad taste! LOL!

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    Hugo Boss and Soul. A contradiction in terms? [smiley=huh.gif]

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    Tried this the other day. Pleasant enough, not outstanding. First impression, I found similarities to Paul Smith London....anyone else? Didnt get to analyse the drydown though....
    Quite like the bottle.
    Happy Easter all,

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    DKNY Be Delicious urine in a bottle someone else said 212 is urine in a bottle. So are this 2 similar in any way?

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    10 years old thread, but I'm gonna "activate" it

    My opinion on Boss Soul varied from positive to neutral to positive again. I used to own a bottle, soon got rid of it and repurchased recently due to a very low price and for a reason I wanted to reintroduce myself to it.

    Spicy, woody, elegant I'd say. Evening fragrance, night out, date, romantic - that'd be the occasions. Ok, nothing great or artistic about it, however I am sure it'd get more attention if it weren't a Boss fragrance. One of the better off the radar evening scents in my opinion, seldom worn by anybody, however it'll get you noticed whatever you might think about Boss in general and Boss Soul for that matter.

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    I used to wear this a lot (about 10 years ago) Dont find it amazing now. I was reminded of this scent when I recently purchased a cheapie, Intimately Beckham, top notes are extremely similar.

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    Default Re: Hugo Boss Soul

    I recall trying this one but like many of the other Boss scents I have tried, was nonplussed.
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