I am very much a beginner in the area of fragrances and I am very interested in your opinions about the LR fragrances.

Products from LR Cosmetics are not in retail distribution - direct sales only (no it is not a pyramid scheme). They claim that their products have higher concentrations than usual on the market (12%-20% perfume oil in EdP). Prices are very reasonable. (25-45 for 50ml EdP). There are 22 male fragrances, 31 female, and even one for kids (w/o alcohol). I have tried several and I like them. At par or even better than many high street products.
Has anybody tried them?

Here are some of my favourites. Bear with my descriptions - I am a beginner...

Expedition: Fougere type with a juniper-like sharpness to it
Texas: Green and woody. Masculine, not too heavy for daytime use
Gladiator: grassy/amber-like middle and base note. I find it very erotic, my wife says it is 'cosy' [smiley=tongue.gif]
Kayah Man: Powdery and kind of fougere. Durable evening scent.
Niagara: Nice to have a top note without citrus for a change (some peppermint?). Unusually light yet quite long-lasting base note.