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    Default Puig Springfield

    I have enjoyed Quorum for over a year now; but was wondering about a Puig fragrance called Springfield--does anyone know it? Is it any good? There's not much about it in the directory.
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    Default Re: Puig Springfield

    Springfield is a mark that concerns to Zara Holding,They are shops of clothes, a nd they have extracted across Adolfo Dominguez his particular cologne . Nothing interesting ,it is very cheap in any shop Springfield.
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    Default Re: Puig Springfield

    Before Puig signed with designer brands like Paco Rabanne, Nina Ricci, Herrera and CommedesGarcons,they sold drugstore brands like Springfield . Boston is another brand they had. Nothing exciting, but not bad either. Springfield was one of those fresh,woody scents.

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    Default Re: Puig Springfield

    Oh yes, Springfield. I worked there for two years... Good times... The scent - citrusy, woody, fresh but also a little boring. I would compare it to Herreras 212. Bad staying power, gone in 60 seconds. I like to smell it once in a while to remind myself of the fun time I had working for them.

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