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    Default Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    I'm taking a shower tonight and my mind starts to my wardrobe.

    I had a thought about....if someone grabbed one of my almost 180 bottles at random, and I turned my head, and got one spritz on my wrist without looking, would I recognize that scent?

    Some of them would be really easy; specifically the ones that I have had a long time and/or are very distinctive. Egoiste, Eau Savage, M7, Silver, L'Anarchiste, Bandit, Kouros, Angel, etc.

    The other easy ones would be the ones I hate and have almost gotten rid of. They would be Givenchy's Xeyrus Rouge, LeMale, Darkness, Boss Bottled, Fahrenheit, ST Dupont, and a few other stinkers that have semi-permanently singed my nose hairs.

    Where I would run in to trouble would be with my niches. I have about 50 1/3 oz vials of niche scents, from Etro to MPG to L'Artisan to Diptyque to Carthusia,Keiko Merchari, etc., etc. Now some of them are REALLY distinctive, and I would recognize them instantly--say, that Dip that people describe as smelling like an Indian cook that hadn't bathed in 7 days--lol, I forget the name. But others, while distinctive, I just haven't worn long enough to identify them with any degreee of accuracy.

    So, all in all, I would give myself about a 70%.


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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    Great thread Ballardbeau.

    The Diptyque scent that your looking for is *L'Autre*.

    I would pretty much characterize my experience along the same lines as yours. However, if I try a fragrance, even if it's a sample, and I sit down and explain it to myself, that is, I explain what it's doing, what's going on scentwise, it's pretty much locked in my scent memory, and I can identify it again pretty much 99% of the time. Once, I start wearing a fragrance in full-on spray mode, it's in the database for good. I also have a facility for being able to remember faces, names, tastes, and style in art works, particularly in painting and sculpture. I think this helps when it comes to remembering scents.

    Again great thread. I find the whole brain/smell connection mechanism fascinating. I certainly think, like most things, one can train oneself to remember scents.


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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    I have over 100 sample vials sitting in a box and probably couldn't recognize about half. The thing is, when I sample something I initially don't really care for, into the box it goes. The only reason I keep them is in case I want to come back to one later for something I may have missed, or didn't give enough of a chance.

    One good example is Creed's OV. I sampled it and didn't think much of it. Then there was a thread here giving it good marks and categorizing it as a "casual" or "day" scent so I gave it another shot. Wound up buying the 4 oz. bottle. That's happened with a few.

    But back to the original point, I could definitely recognize the full sized bottles in my wardrobe, but the sample vials ... maybe half at best! But I like to keep them for when I read which scents are similar to one I might want. If I have the vial, I may know if I'll want to buy it or not.

    I agree, good thread!

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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    Well, yes but I only have 11 scents + less than 10 samples so it would be weird if I didn't

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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    Does it count if you can feel the shape of the bottle?

    I'd give myself about a 90%, although I've got nowhere near 180 bottles (more like 40)

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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sokra
    Well, yes but I only have 11 scents + less than 10 samples so it would be weird if I didn't
    Same with me. I only have a few at any one time, so I can keep up with it easily.

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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    Not only can I recognize all ~55 of mine, but I also recognize the ones that I've given away to friends whenever they wear them.

    (It is a good question. If I add too many more, then I may get them confused. Also, there are a few--e.g. Santal & Envy, JF & Cool Water, Trend & Rush--that are so similar they're almost impossible to tell apart.)
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    I'm also a small time collector so I'm positive I would be able to get my big bottles in an instant. The niche frags smell mostly the same to me when they are right out of the bottle so those ones would be hard for me. I've got about 11 different ones between samples and 1/6 decants so I'm sure I'll be off. I'm trying to learn to get better though. Testing myself everyday to see if I can pick them out with my nose.

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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    I asked that question myself about 7-8 months ago. I've got about 30 or so bottles these days so I made a sample strip of everyone and sprayed/labeled it, then after it dried sniffed them randomly without looking at the name of the cologne. I was at 100%, but my collection isn't as big as some of yours. Plus I've never gotten into the massive sample scene. Has anyone else tried this? My only bit of advise is to keep them from rubbing too much into each other, I let this happen and the scents spread in a couple hours.


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    Default Re: Would You Recognize Your Own Scents?

    I have around 30 scents currently and my brothers and friends are always "borrowing" my cologne, usually everyday, as they think..... hmmm he has thirty bottles lets just use his instead of buying our own. Not that I really mind lol. Anyway I have only missed once and it was one of the sample vials Paul G sent me that I haven't even wore yet.


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