Happened to walk by the fragrance counter in my fave cologne-dike recently, sampled these fragrances once more.

Be Delicious for Men smells like L'Eau Bleue d'Issey, being more fruity-sweet than the latter. Issey's more dry and of sharp woody quality.
The fruity smell of BDFM in my nose called up to Boss Bottle immediately, but it's fresher and not as cloying. Also the funky Be Delicious bottle seems to be a heck of an apple to peel. ;D

B*Men seemed to play a couple of acts from "Yohji Homme" through top and heart notes once again. Though I like the drydown very much, not sure I'd like to wait for that each time I'd have worn it.

Beyond Paradise appeared to smell like some colourful tropical scene with palm trees, fresh ocean breeze, exotic fruit and flowers, hot girls, martinis and whatnot but portrayed in a sort of sickly-sweet manner. Nothing about the Paradise or beyond to me at all, but more of a blinking neon street ad reading "Tropical paradise! Hot tours sale!". I'm not going there.

Went out with a purchase of good old Eau Sauvage 8), that has already took its place in the line for Tribute.

Regards, Odor.