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    Default L'Artisan Navegar and Tea For Two

    Nothing like an extended vacation to the Society Islands, part of the far flung island system know as French Polynesia, to sharpen one's appreciation for scent and context. The air down there is thick, humid, green, the pace is slow, the tourists numerous. Tahiti is starting to have the look and feel of a suburb in Florida or Southern California, while the massive volcanic core of the islands (this must have been great region of volcanism, typically a Polynesian island is a volcanic remnant surrounded by a barrier reef known as a *motu*) remains stupendous, godlike, awe inspiring.
    Your humble correspondent never found the legendary *bois farine* flower, he did engage the locals in a spirted discussion of *noni*, a rather repulsive local fruit that is used essentially as a topical antiseptic or allowed to rot and squeezed for the ech, juice as a folk tonic. Noni is supposed to be at its most efficacious when thoroughly decomposed and smelling of blue cheese. Thanks just the same.
    He did, on the other hand, manage to stock up on tahitian vanilla, extract and pulverized bean paste, which, frankly, makes commercial store vanilla taste like Karo suryp. Our vanilla today comes from Mexico, where it was frequently adulterated, or Madagascar. The Tahitians insist that african vanilla tastes like caramel, and only true tahitian has the complete vanilla bouquet. They didn't have to convince me.
    L'Artisan's delicate fig scent Premier Figuier was ideal in the evenings. Large doses of is sprayed on my shirt before dinner, easily 8-12 sprays were not overwhelming. In the windy climate of Bora-Bora (now a wildly overpriced, overly packaged, and damned near overdeveloped former paradise, which, thanks to merciful God, has no cell phone services) the Premier Figuier was a perfect contextual fit. It not so much announced itself as extended the lush greenery deeper into the room. This wouldn't work in the dense, hydrocarbon rich unrban setting where fragrances have to be more geometric, algebraic perhaps. The sweet greenery of the L'Artisan enhanced the meal, it brough the fragrance of the food into accord with the room, the air, the mood of the place.
    Meanwhile, back in the tightly packed cauldron of ambitions and frustrations of city life it was time to get to work on Navegar and Tea For Two. Where Mechant Loup suggests autumn, harvest, dried branches, and paganism, Navegar has a clear eyed, knowing erotocism about it, being subtle and finely constructed, it doesn't plow its' way up your nostrils and bang on a pot to force you to know it's there. A connotative rather than a denotative scent. One thinks of well educated, well bred modern offspring of old nobility with exactly the right degree of sharpness and wit, a hint of the Premier Figuier green, balanced with the slightest hint of a "redness", an understated bite.
    Tea For Two should have been named otherwise for the USA market, as this one has bedroom eyes, warm, seductive, deliquescent, it reminds me of a lump of brown sugar dissolving in a copper pot filled with cream.
    It is simple too damn sexual for random daytime adventures in overdosage. However, sexual in a refined, experienced, unhurried, emotionally involved way. In other words, Tea For Two is a "message fragrance" where Navegar is ontological, it is about a state of being.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Navegar and Tea For Two

    A beautiful post Guermantes. Thoughts, stories, visions, and smells. A reminder of the world that comes across our computer screens at a mere fragrance website. Thank you very much.

    A happy return to you as well!
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Navegar and Tea For Two

    I just bought Tea for Two today and I see exactly what you are saying about how it could send a message like that. It's such a nice fragrance. I hope to smell Navegar soon.

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    Default Re: L'Artisan Navegar and Tea For Two

    Quote Originally Posted by guermantes
    Nothing like an extended vacation to the Society Islands, part of the far flung island system know as French Polynesia, to sharpen one's appreciation for scent and context.
    welcome back. I found myself whistling 'some enchanted evening' halfway through your post. James Michener used the Society Islands as the basis of his 'Tales of the South Pacific', more famously packaged as the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical 'South Pacific'. The movie version moved the location to hawaii I think. For all it's frivolity, there is a serious undertone: a story about inter-racial love that was shocking in it's day. I better stop before I start singing 'I gotta wash that man right out of my hair'.

    And of course it was the Society Islands that inspired Gaugin's wonderfully langorous paintings of women in tropical settings.

    Sight, sound, smell....a feast for the senses.


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    Default Re: L'Artisan Navegar and Tea For Two

    Great post Guermantes, thanks for that!

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