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    Default Jos Eisenberg

    are u familiar with his products? especially his fragrance for men Jos by Jos Eisenberg ?

    Here are the notes:

    Fresh, aromatic top notes:
    Lemon, Armoise, Mint

    Floral heart notes:
    Lavender, Coffee, Mocha

    Woody, amber base notes:
    Patchouli, Cedar, Musk, Hay, Amber

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    looks intriguing but unfortunately i can't seem to get beyond the first page of the website.

    i'm not familiar with his men's fragrance but I do like the sound of the notes (even if it sounds like he is trying to cover every base!). I am curious how he combines citrus with floral/gourmand with woody so that it doesn't end up in an unholy mess.

    you don't see armoise (mugwort in english) mentioned much as a note. it is a variety of artemesia and imparts a hint of bitterness. it's also sometimes commonly referred to as wild absinthe. (and absinthe is sometimes referred to as bitter armoise!).

    mariusg, can you keep us posted if you find out more?


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