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Thread: Bois d'Iris

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    Default Bois d'Iris

    Can anyone give me even more information on this one?
    Is it powdery at all? Is it truly unisex/masculine? Can it be compared to anything else? Is it really woody?
    Anything is appreciated! How safe is a blind purchase.....?



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    Default Re: Bois d'Iris

    I adore Bois d'Iris: it's an ethereal, poetic, powdery iris scent but it isn't really that different from Hiris (which I already own).
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Bois d'Iris

    How safe is any blind purchase? I love Ellena's Bois d'iris. Ethereal is a good word to describe it but I don't find it overly powdery. A soft lingering sweetness but for me it is a masculine scent (not to say women couldn't wear it). Don't expect a very woody scent...the wood is subdued.

    I liked nqth's comment a while ago which stuck in my mind: "BOIS is wonderful, green velvety irys. Very "live" and full of joy. A very opposite of quiet and melancholy Hiris." Nqth if you are reading, that is pure poetry!

    Have you tried other masc iris scents like Divine L'homme de Coeur or S.Lutens Iris Silver Mist? If you like either of those, I'm sure you would like Bois de Iris!

    I'd be happy to send you a sample....


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    Default Re: Bois d'Iris

    for me it`s not Hiris type of iris scent. Hiris is much more shy and hidden - and Bois d`Iris is pure joy and freshness!
    It also has some cedar and vetiver - so it is clear woody with a little accent on vetiver (not so much - it needs to investigate through).
    It`s fresh and live and I do not think it`s one of Big Powder scents.

    And it`s leave a fresh sillage - much better and with character (which Divine has not).

    Anyway for me - it`s the best Iris so far!
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Bois d'Iris

    Thanks for your replies!
    A blind purchase is always risky and this scent is expensive here in the States so testing will surely be in order.
    It does sound different from what I am used to and it sounds very intriguing. The only iris scent I have experience with is MPG's Iris Bleu Gris which I found a bit too powdery.
    I have read nqth's comments after a search here and they were much appreciated!
    I find it interesting that all of your comments differ a bit in the aspects of this scent. That just intrigues me more!

    Regards, Eric ;D

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    Default Re: Bois d'Iris

    Thank you Aztec and Evogel:-)

    I love Bois d'Iris. I am so pleased that you find the comment helpful:-) CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    Default Re: Bois d'Iris

    I do think that this is a wonderful scent. The only thing that has stopped me from making this purchase is the price.

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    Default Re: Bois d'Iris

    I've got a sample of this on the way! From the posts on it in this thread and in other threads, it sounds intriguingly good, though I don't think I've ever smelled a fragrance with iris as the key note.

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