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    Default Your kind advice on auction items:

    Hi Community

    Should I bid on the following items still at minimal prices on auction :


    Yohji Yamamoto : EdT
    Nikos : Sculpture

    Female (I believe):

    Chopard : Heaven, Parfum
    Versace : Gianni Versace, Parfum (silver / violet package)
    Rochas : Femme, Parfum
    Kenzo : Kenzo (or what? Picture shows a Lalique type of bottle i.e. frosted Glass, open Rose as stopper)

    I do not know any of them. Please reply by the 15th of March, US time, if you feel like it. I appreciate strong opinions but a plain <YES> or <NO> would be a big help also.


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    Default Re: Your kind advice on auction items:

    The Yohji Y is a very nice scent. Still looking for a bottle myself!

    Sculpture to my nose is very like Minotaure by Palmoa Piccaso, no bad just not my thing. Too sweet really.

    Chopard Heaven is for men. No womens version listed in the directory.

    I have had this and all I can say is :-X One of a very few that made me feel sick on firsy application. Kinda in the same vein as Eternity for men, no nice AT ALL!

    As gor the others I don't know Im afraid.

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    Default Re: Your kind advice on auction items:

    Rochas Femme YES a classic women's fragrance!

    None of the others evoke any feelings from me.
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