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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    oh god everytime i walk into foley's and just happen to wearing a lacoste polo the same loacoste rep comes up to me and pushes this stuff in my face.

    yes they are the same thing. i think people just say red because it really doesnt say 'style in play' on the bottle.

    its nice and pleasant with a nice essence of sweet apples with a masculine cedar note in the back. after about 30 minutes though the apple fades away and all you get is cheap sweet cedar smell. if i had money to blow, i'd get it for something to just throw on when i'm wearing sweats to class.

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    Default Lacoste Style in Play?

    Is this the same as Lacoste Red? Anybody know how these are? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    hi Hyde - I think its both - 'style in play, red'

    I like it. Its got a youthful synthetic cheap cologne style to it i kind of like - I wear it with my nike hoodie

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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    Smells like a red apple...............with a hint of Dunhill Desire!


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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    I have it. Mic pretty much has it right in that it smells like apples, a more youthful version of Dunhill Desire. Good as a very casual, everyday scent..

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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    Its nasty,synthetic,cheap smelling garbage - but, thats just my opinion. I would choose Joop before ever wearing this crap......if i HAD to pick one or the other!!!!

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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    I tried this at Sephora today and really liked it. is fairly cheap as well. I may spring for this.

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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    Crap! With a capital C.

    This is just one of the worst put together scents making a comparison to Desire is an insulate to Dunhill.

    If you want a nice scent with apple that is not cloying synthetic like this one try Be Delicious DKNY its not great but its better then Style in Play.

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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    After smelling a sample last year in summer, I was so much in love - I had to buy it! There's no better Lacoste IMO.
    I seldom reach for it nowadays, but hey - it's wintertime here.

    Definitely a summer frag.

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    Default Re: Lacoste Style in Play?

    I shouldnęt like it but fact is I use it quite often. Itęs very harmless, safe etc but nice as well IMO. There is a bitterness in the base that is quite unusual for this type of scent, that I like. Also the white musk basenote sticks around forever on my skin, much better longevity than I expected from something like this.


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