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    Default Halston 101- anything new or old that is similar

    Hi everyone. I'm another long time visitor but new member to the board. I believe I stumbled onto Basenotes searching for Halston 101 back sometime in 2000. Well, as a few know Halston 101 was another great scent that was discontinued. It is imposible to find on the net and I too have seen that site that wants $300.00. Dont like it that much. So, I have been seeking a similar fragrance with that fresh spicy, pine/conifer, light leather scent. I have tried Gucci Rush which I thought had similarities because of the cypress and other wood notes. I like it. I'm yet to buy it because I didnt think it lasted long or projected beyond my shirt collar. I purchased Rocabar because of that initial burst of intense pine and thought I had a winner, going by recollection of 101. Rocabar does dry down sweeter than I ultimately want, but still very masculine. I recently bought Gucci Pour Homme which has alot of wood and spice, akin 101. I think GPH smells more like Rush than Envy(have Envy too) but like Rush there is the insence note that Halston 101 didnt have. On my last trip to the fragrance counter I smelled original Polo because I used to wear that at the time of Halston 101 and both have a pine note. I sprayed some on and later figured I could never wear/justify tht purchase. Anyone have any ideas for a Halston 101 smell alike?


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    Default Re: Halston 101- anything new or old that is simil

    Hello Titan and welcome to Basenotes!

    I loved Halston 101 but I have never really found anything too similar to it. The only thing that has come close for me has been Czech & Speake's Cuba. Looking at the notes, one wouldn't make the connection and it could certainly be my nose/ mind playing tricks on me but I have to say that the last time I wore it, I got some strong remembrance of 101.
    Could it be the red bottle?? Well, it's a lighter red than 101.
    The top notes of Cuba have some mint which I don't remember 101 having but after that I think there is some similarity and I can't really tell you why.
    Cuba is $100 a bottle which is steep and IMO it must be sampled extensively before purchase. Too bad they are gouging for the remaining stock and I also have to wonder how fresh it remains. It would be awful to spend $300 and not get a decent bottle of it.
    Good luck in your search.
    Regards, Eric

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    Default Re: Halston 101- anything new or old that is simil

    Thanks Evogel for the tip on Cuba. I live in the Detroit Metropolitan area and will see if there is a Czech & Speake dealer in my area. I may consider purchasing a decant in the future. Its been so long since I have smelled the cologne on myself I could never spend $300 to try again. Heck I could end up hating it now considering Im going by memory of how good it was. I love the smell of pine because I love the outdoors ie skiing, mountain biking, hiking so that is my interest in this and other "pine noted" scents. Anyone elses thoughts are welcome.


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    Default Re: Halston 101- anything new or old that is simil

    If you want a quality pine scent check out Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet. Amazing, clean, fresh, lasting pine blended with some citrus and spice. Created in 1902 but it still seems modern. Here's the Basenotes link
    Penhaligons has a nice sample sets available on their website that include this.

    Do a search for just the note of pine in the Basenotes directory and you'll likely get lot's more to check out.

    Regards, Eric

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    Default Re: Halston 101- anything new or old that is simil

    An old thread, sure, lol, but I thought I'd chime in.

    Halston 101 is pretty much the reason I signed up for this site. I'm even playing around with making my own scents based on it's notes (wish me luck, lol).

    There are a few that I've tried that, for some reason or another, have tipped that "memory" deja vu, and reminded me vividly of Halston 101.

    I haven't tried a TON of colognes in my time, but…*here's my list:

    Pino Silvestre
    Pino is a much tamer, and subtler version. It's very ephemeral, and whispy. It's probably 75% the same scent as 101. But there's a big something missing. Don't get me wrong, it's a great scent though. Perfect for every day use.

    Romeo Gigli
    It's got some of the same core DNA as 101. And the first time I smelled it, I knew it would be a go-to replacement for me. I still wear this quite often, usually to more formal occasions.

    Gucci Envy
    Obviously a very different POV than 101, but there's still that "thing" that's common between them. This isn't one of my favorites (don't really know why, perhaps the vanilla/amber lead), but I still own it and wear it from time to time. Very classy. Soft.

    Now… THIS one. Wow. A very, very polarizing scent. An italian guy came to my office for a meeting, and he walked into the room and I almost tackled him, because whatever he was wearing reminded me so much of Halston 101. He couldn't remember the name of the fragrance (he called it "phenomenon") but I was able to chase it down. I bought it, and wore it, and my wife almost kicked me out of the house! She HATED it. The "fermented honey" thing that's going on in this is extremely offputting to some people. That said, Pharomone has that exact same "thing" that Halston 101 had. And I was really bummed that my wife hated it so much (so I gave it to my dad, he liked it too, but he told me that everyone hated it, and had to give it away. Lol.).

    I'm assuming that it's the bergamot and thyme and pine combo that's doing it? A couple of these have the clary sage as well.

    But I'm still curious. Pheromone really threw me for a loop. And i'm still wondering what that "something" is that Halston 101 had.

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