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    Default "Extrait de Songe" by L'Artisan.

    Got a preview of this years summer limited edition by L'Artisan. It's called "Extrait de Songes" or extract of dreams/thoughts. The theme of this light eau fraiche is almost the same as the one of L'Heure Bleue: the moment after the sun has set and before nightfall. The difference is the theme L'Artisan chose has a countryside feeling.

    It's a relaxing "eau fraiche" but without the usual citrus notes. The fragrance reminds me of L'Artisans Trfle 4 Fleurs candle and the Clarins Tranquility Water.

    top: mint, rose essence.
    heart: orange blossom, linden, green hay.
    base: wick (like in a woven basquet), white woods, white musk.

    On my skin it's very soft but somehow there is something in the composition that disturbs the whole thing, maybe the wick.

    The bottle is purple at the base and becomes blue at the top. Sold together with a very cute purse spray.

    In stores end of April.

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    Default Re: "Extrait de Songe" by L'Artisan.

    If there's anything I hate more than vetiver, it's #$%* wick!!!

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    Default Re: "Extrait de Songe" by L'Artisan.

    Oh I like that Artisan candle.

    Thanks for the sneak preview Cedric

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    Default Re: "Extrait de Songe" by L'Artisan.

    Interesting. Linden and hay and woods oh my! I might like this.

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