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    Default Paul Smith Extreme!

    How is this one?

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    Citrus-woody with some spicy facets, deeper and less floral & green than Paul Smith for men. I personally like this one more than the first.


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    Default Re: Paul Smith Extreme!

    I wore this yesterday and had to wear it again tonight.  I think what I like so much about it is it's light, light and sunny.  A simple presence that doesn't overwhelm and leaves me wanting more.  Great for the office and just about anywhere.  Light and sunny citrus followed by a pinch of herb for contrast (perhaps the herb is a wave to the original Paul Smith), then some light musk, a tiny sprinkling of spice, and probably some light wood in there somewhere, though I hardly notice it.  It lasts well on me. Cool bottle too, with the stripes down the side, and a cool clear screw-on cap.

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    I really like this one...When I sampled this, it reminded me a lot of Tommy T, which is one of my all-time fav. scents, (which is unfortunately discontinued)...great for the office.

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