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    Default Vera Wang for Men

    Heeeey, just bought it without testing and what a nice surprise!! So smooth, fresh, mellow, oriental and green at the same time. This is definately going to be a favorite at my house!

    How do you like it?


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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men

    smells too much like Truth Calvin Klein for men. again I feel too much was spent on the bottle and no money was left for a decent scent to put inside it.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men

    This is a very nice scent..... it just does not last..... Incanto by Ferragamo is also in the same boat..... Smells great for about an hour and then......Poof..... it's gone.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men

    Agreed. Nice scent but quite short-lasting.

    Seems a tad on the expensive side too.

    Liked it, but not enough to part with the money.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men

    I bought this one when there was a discount code for one of the high end websites, basically getting it for a little over half price. I wasn't impressed at the time and swapped it away not too long after. Then I had the opportunity to get it again in a BN purchase and did so again. It was part of a three scent package and I wanted the other two, so figured revisiting this one on the cheap again was worth it.

    I think if the volume were turned up a bit, it would work better. I do like the mix of notes, they just seem to fade into the background so quickly. I think the mix of soft mandarin and leather are most prominent to my nose, with a nice sprinkle of soft spices rounding it out. Punch it up a bit and it could've worked really well. The other issue is, Vera Wang (at least to me) is known for designing women's fashions and wedding dresses, so I found it curious that she would even release a men's scent since her name would carry little weight amongst male consumers. I assume the marketing types were hoping brides to be would buy it for their future husbands.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang for Men

    I'm wearing this at work today. I really like it. It never fails to lift my mood. It's perfect for work because it's not overpowering at all.

    When I first tried it in a store, I didn't like it. But, I've since warmed up to it. Definite keeper. Makes me feel modern and trendy.

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