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    Can someone tell me where I can get information of new perfumes as soon as a manufacturer makes them, I have looked everywhere for this info but can't find much, do the makers publisher presses release or something I need to know about a fragrance as soon as a maker launches it. they reckon there is over 400 lauches a year these days but I can never find out info for these products.

    Thanks Regards Paul

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    Welcome to the forum Paul...I believe there are some industry newsletters or e-zines that publish that info, and a few people here are members, though I'm not. Perhaps they'll post some info on your query.

    I find the next best thing to hearing about new releases on this board is to click on the Basenotes "directory" (upper left-hand corner), and under "find fragrances," where it says "launch year," type in 2005 or 2004 and see what you get.

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    Recently, I tried to get informations about products directly from the manufacturers. As you may know, they have two kinds of info material. One for the customer and one for the SA's. Usually, the material for customers isn't usually very helpful if you want in-depth infos and it is very hard to get the good material if you're not in the business.
    I wrote E-Mails to various cosmetics companies, some were very helpful (Clarins: Excellent brochure and even some samples) others tried to be nice (Lanc™me: some (older) brochures), others sent me nothing (Clinique) and one company didn't reply (Serge Lutens).
    You can try to write to the companies, but I wouldn't expect too much, especially when you want informations about perfumes. I think the internet is still the best source, Basenotes and will provide you with a lot of infos on new releases. I also found out that has excellent perfume descriptions (niche only).

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