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    Thumbs down Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    Another one.. Creed Epicea.. Phew!!

    .................................................. ...................I'm gonna memorize your name.. and then i'm gonna throw my head away!!........:bounce:.............

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    Well, Secretions Magnifique is too obvious and deliberately noisome, so my choice would be the lung-worrying Jelly Belly: Blueberry Muffin Demeter fragrance.

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    I know of three major offenders:

    1. Diorella by Dior - Floral with inflatable vinyl pool toys and composting grass clippings. Evocative...and yet almost gag-inducing.

    2. Pour un Homme by Caron - The shocking onion/armpit/hot-metal topnote ruins it for the boring vanilla base. Bizarre osmic comedy.

    3. S-eX by S-Perfumes - Green and animalic in the worst sense. The litterbox in the garden shed is days overdue for a cleaning. To my nose, far more urinous than Kouros.

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    Dior Homme : It originally was love at first sight which turned too sour too early. Now, even thinking of Dior Homme's smell makes my stomach turn.

    Rochas Lui : WTF?

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    I be another one to nake Kouros as a stinker. I've read someone described this frag as sex in a bottle so i rushed to a perfume store to give it a try. The smell of Kouros ruined my day. It's just revolting. Ditto to Opium by YSL

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    Davidoff's Good Life used to bother me big time. What's happened to it? Synthetic fig to it anyway!

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    Vivid - Liz Claiborne
    Petite Cherie - Annick Goutal
    Chic - Caroline Herrera
    Ted Lapidus (grey bottle) - Ted Lapidus

    (oops, that's 4!)
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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    Rochas Man--Strawberry's. Something out of a Barbie's first scent collection.

    Joop--See above

    Kouros--Changing my baby's diaper

    A*Men--Really?People wear this

    Le Male- Le Pew
    "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."
    --Ben Hogan

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    I have to go with Issey Blue.....Yuck!!

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    Quote Originally Posted by brainpower1972 View Post
    Diesel Fuel for Life. It smells like anise (very much) and a sweet candyshop in a bottle.
    Wow! That actually sounds like it smells really good! :S

    I don't like the poo-poo opening of L'Artisan Dzing! But I like what comes after.

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    Default Re: Everyone name one stinker!

    I really don't like Realities for men. My brother wears it all the time...

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