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    I was sampling Comme des Gar¨ons' 2 Man (edt) tonight. Right from the start it smelled familiar to me: it has a sharp cumin note in the opening, which dries out rather quickly to make place for a soft mix of incense and vetiver. It has a comforting woody and leather quality to it, and there seems to be a sweetened, hesperidic note constantly lingering in the background, the kind you can also find in the drydown of some Herm¸s fragrances.

    I quickly went through my sample collection, because I was sure I would single out it's twin brother somewhere. However, I found out that although I've smelled a similar fragrance before, it's not in my collection.

    I believe it was Timothy who compared 2 Man to Gucci pour Homme, but I would have to sample that one again to confirm. Are there any other fragrances similar to 2 Man?

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    Although I disagree with many of his "matches", Michael Edwards says that the following are similar:
    1. Baladin by PDN
    2. Declaration Essence by Cartier
    3. Eau d'Hermes

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    I find CdG 2 Man similar to Gucci pour Homme too, but it's softer and less agressive.

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    Yes, I also think CdG2MAN is similar to Gucci PH, - the strong incense and + "vinyl" and vetiver.

    I think CdG2 MAN is lighter, but still a strong scent, and more playful. CdG Series 8 Energy
    (Oct. 3rd).

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    I haven't tried Baladin, but I can see how Dˇclaration and Eau d'Herm¸s are associated with 2 Man. Eau d'Herm¸s has a similar sharp cumin note in the opening, and that (slightly sweet) citrussy, leathery quality that lingers in the background of 2 Man. The difference being that in Eau d'Herm¸s it's very much upfront, predominant.

    Similarly, some predominant accords in Dˇclaration (not just the Essence version, IMO) can be traced in 2 Man's drydown, where they play a secondary, subdued role. The citrus/vetiver combination in 2 Man indeed reminds me of my old bottle of Cartier.

    I'll check out Gucci Pour Homme again (and hopefully, one day, Baladin). Thanks for the great help!


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    Giorgio Red for Men ( Giorgio Beverly Hills)
    Something in my mind says it resembles that fragrance. I don't have Giorgio Red for men anymore and haven't worn or smelled it in years,so I could be very wrong.

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    Yes, CdG2 Man is very similar to Gucci pH, the same wood, incense and spice mix. Still, CdG is a little lighter IMO, although I notice a cold, almost metallic note in it.
    I own Eau d'Herm¸s and to me, the two are completely different. The Herm¸s is lighter, more leathery and less woody, although it has a nice sandalwood note. I can understand though why Michael Edwards saw a similarity, CdG and Herm¸s are sharing a lot notes, but the composition is completely different.
    However, I think these scents smell a bit like CdG2 Man:

    - M7 (yes, it's much more sweeter)
    - CdG2 (less woody, more other notes (magnolia, aldehydes)
    - I second Declaration

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