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    Default Blasts from the Past: Mediterraneum

    One of my best swapping pals sent me this little gem and I decided to try it out again today (as it's been on my swaplist because I really paid it no attention after its first trial a year ago).

    I have to say, it's a wonderful scent, a little like the framework of Opium pour Homme without the vanilla, and I detect an emphasis on the patchouli in the base, and it's surprisingly easy to wear. In the directory, someone reviewed it as "rat posion" but I must vehemently disagree. I think I have to remove it from my swaplist.

    It begins with something not too dissimilar to Fahrenheit, but much less orange blossom and a little darker. It quickly reveals its spicy base with what I detect are leather and patchouli notes, with a faintly sweet note akin to amber. It never appraoches the depths of say Azarro or Fendi Uomo, always remaining lighter and fresher. By no means is it a groundbreaking masterpiece, but it can be found at incredibly low prices nowadays, and I believe for $20 or so it's definitely worth having in your collection in your fans of fragrance like Fahrenheit, Opium or Alviero Martini.


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    Default Re: Blasts from the Past: Mediterraneum

    Isn't this the one that was made for the bizarre and surreal Fabio?


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    Default Re: Blasts from the Past: Mediterraneum

    sadly, yes, an image which prevented me from giving this the time of day for the last decade, but it's actually rather good.

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