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    Default Where to buy NATURAL ambergris (and etc) tincture

    Sorry, if it`s been posted here before.
    Some day ago my friend from Cologne (well-known here before) sent me a link on some site that still produce and sell a lot of natural (not sinthetics, not herbal analogs and imitations) stuff.

    There`re: ambergris, civet, castoreum, hay, cannabis and some rare flowers - as well as some mixtures attar-like. I`m not so interested by attars so far...
    But naturals I found very intriguing and money flows...

    Now I`m waiting for ambergris and castoreum. 16 ml of every stuff. I`ll keep you informed.

    Here`s the link:

    Enjoy the natural stuff! ;D
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: Where to buy NATURAL ambergris (and etc) tinct

    This is an interesting site. They will even make your own personalized perfume. Just tell them the notes you want.

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    Default Re: Where to buy NATURAL ambergris (and etc) tinct

    Well, I got a parcel from Italy!!! ;D

    They make it very quick - just 2 weeks from Italy to Siberia... nice efforts to please me... I even tell you more - they make me a present enclosed sample vial of civet.

    Now about tinctures.
    I only tried castoreum so far.
    It`s true animalistic quality, close to leather. Rich, a bit sweet and resin-like, it smells like a sap of animal... if animals were trees...

    It reminds me a lot those smell of Dzing! which is partly balsamic, partly leathery and for my nose reminds my child pictures...
    Remember those smell of drying guache paints on your pics? Especially brown, black and green ones?.. That`s is very close to castoreum... and maybe black ink from the bottle smells the very same.

    The worst pity is bottle is leaking in every application... > and the tincture is not strong - it gets lost in an hour from my hand... even Jicky Guerlain is more lasting!!! But it allows to wear it in office - if I`ll look for a goodies in a bad situations...

    I`ll try to apply castoreum after some non-smelling oil, just to be sure.

    But anyway - I can wear it alone! As I like Dzing! and other castoreum-based parfums (like Santos de Cartier, Bandit Piguet, Yatagan Caron, Antaues Chanel, Cabochard Gres, Bel Ami Hermes and Knize Ten) - so I`ll wear it like cologne... Subtle enough to wear in office!

    Reports on Ambergris and Civet will follow...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Castoreum

    I don't know if this is the place to post this since we were talking about ambergris. But in my efforts to obtain the basic animalics, I have made a tincture of castoreum. I purchased the beaver glands on-line at a trapper supply place. I dissolved 5 grams in 50 ml. of alcohol and heated the alcohol to about 60 degrees Celsius. The solution turned deep amber and left a residue of black gunk. I decanted the infusion and it has a nice smell of castoreum. I just want to make it stronger but it seems that simply adding more castoreum doesn't do the trick which leads me to believe my tincture is saturated. But can it, like ambergris, be heated to evaporate the alcohol and concentrate the tincture? Or is the castoreum volatile such that this would be self defeating? Are there other solvents that would dissolve more castoreum? Such as oils? Or ether? But ether has such a strong smell and of course I would never heat the stuff for fear of an explosion. But what if I dissolve it in ether and let the ether evaporate off? Would that give me a kind of essence? Lots of questions.

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    Default Re: Where to buy NATURAL ambergris (and etc) tinct

    Moonfish. I was frustrated with the strength of the castoreum from Italy. As you say, it only lasts on the hand for an hour or so. So I made my own, using beaver glands I found on a trappers' website. My own tincture is much stronger although it doesn't quite have as much finesse. I'd like to make it even stronger but don't know if just evaporating it will make it stronger in the manner of ambergris. I may try infusing the beaver glands in oil to see what I come up with.

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    Default Re: Where to buy NATURAL ambergris (and etc) tinct

    I find that it's much more cost effective to buy the whole ambergris and tincture it myself. I also have a theory. It seems like my ambergris "absolutes" (made by boiling the alcohol off the tincture) are maturing more quickly than the corresponding tincture. This leads me to hypothesize that the alcohol in the tincture freezes the action so to speak. I'm experimenting with aging and re-tincturing my absolutes when they have the aroma I like.

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