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    Default English Scent

    Hi, I am new here.

    I am thinking of buying an old fashioned style English scent.

    What does everybody recommend?

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    Default Re: English Scent

    English Leather? You can get it for a cheap price too i believe.

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    Default Re: English Scent

    Welcome to the site, JeanBabtiste!

    Old style English scents, according to what this American thinks the genre includes:
    1) Hammam Bouquet by Penhaligons. Love it love it love it. Rose and Jasmin in a nice watery very masculine and very 19th Century way. Top of my list.
    2) Most anything by Floris, just because it is an English house. Elite does florals beautifully, and Santal does smooth sweet proper sandalwood with equal beauty. You might not like a Floris scent, but you can't go wrong wearing one.
    3) Givenchy Gentleman or Monsieur. Givenchy is a French house but I think of it as an anglophile house of French style. Certainly at its founding it was. These two older scents by the house ring of a taste that reflects that, especially Monsieur. Others here will probably disagree with me that either of these smell English.
    4) Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier (MPG)'s Eau pour le Jeune Homme. I think this is an old school cold water in the face traditional fragrance that is upright and simple in the English style--it doesn't have a dirty cleverness lurking in it which I think is French style--even though it is also made my a French house.

    I think these will smell old fashioned style English scent to you, with Givenchy Gentleman the least of that category. Hammam Bouquet most suggests that category to me.

    I hope this helps. I look forward to reading what others suggest also. Again, welcome to the forum!
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    Default Re: English Scent

    I second Hammam Bouquet - its SUBLIME!!!!

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    Default Re: English Scent

    Thankyou Chris for your welcome and your suggestions.Seeing that 2 of you said Hammam bouquet,I will try it. It sounds very interesting.

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    Try Blenheim Bouquet by Penhaligon and Eucris by George Trumper. Also, I find No. 88 by Czech and Speake to be a quintessential Enlish men's fragrance.


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    Default Re: English Scent

    Floris No. 89, and Penhaligon's Lords (now Douros) are quite good, too.
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    Another vote here for Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet and Blenheim Bouquet. Also, all the Trumper's scents are very 'English' smelling.

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    Default Re: English Scent

    I regret I don't know Trumper's scents, but I sure agree with my fellow Chris about C&S 88, and with Bark on Floris 89. Both are perfect examples of the old fashioned Enlish style.
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    Default Re: English Scent

    Even they are a Scottsih house you might try:

    CROWN (you can still find even they are taken over by Clive Christian and some frags are discobntinued..)

    FLORIS is of course more than typical....entire line

    TRUMPER of Jermyn old barber shop in London's westend.

    PENHALIGON, entire line...

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    Default Re: English Scent

    Welcome Mr. Grenouille!
    My vote goes for Blenheim Boquet too. Class in a bottle. Smokey pine base softened up by extremely long lasting icey citrus notes - brilliant.


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    Default Re: English Scent

    Doesn't Bel Ami remind you of an english sportscar and good old traditions...........?


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    Default Re: English Scent

    Royal English Leather by Creed.

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    Default Re: English Scent

    Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet gets another vote from me.

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