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    Default Best citrus scent

    I was thinking about my springtime order and wanted a strong citrus scent for spring.Ive thought about Live Jazz and Le Roy Soleil and was wondering about others.I like to have as much of a powerhouse type of citrus as possible

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Monsieur Balmain is totally citrus. At least I cannot detect any other notes. Basically Lemonhead candy in a bottle. It might be what you want.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    For a somewhat different take on the citrus genre, but with remarkable staying power and sillage I would recommend D&G Masculine. The concentrated version of HermŹs Orange Verte is a fantastic fresh citrus with a nice minty heart -good stuff! Eau de Sauvage is a great classic citrus too, albeit very weak and fleeting.


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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    The new Montana homme pure citrus.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    I don't really consider Live Jazz to be citrus, to be honest. Though Issey Miyake is an obvious choice it is a very powerful fragrance - projects and lasts. Boucheron EDC is also very citrusy (much more than the EDT) and strong.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Mare by Creative Universe.
    TOP 5:'''''''''''''''

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Detaille Escrimeur, Eau de Rochas, Monsieur Balmain, Wilkes of San Francisco (a better version of Eau de Hadrian).

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Quote Originally Posted by Setamp
    Eau de Rochas
    Oui oui monsieur...c'est vrai! If it's a powerhouse citrus you're after, Eau de Rochas Homme is le meow du chat...
    lemon, plus a floral lemon note (petitgrain, maybe), and a bit of vetiver and wood. And for those times when you want a less powerhouse, more contemplative citrus, may I recommend Signoricci by Nina Ricci...softer citrus with a bit of basil.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Citron Citron EDT and EDP
    [blue]Eau dâHadrien EDT[/blue]
    Eau du Sud
    [blue]Eau Sauvage[/blue]
    Hadrien Absolu
    [blue]Monsieur Balmain[/blue]
    YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration

    [blue]Some reflections on definitions:

    There are very few true citrus fragrances. Citrus in the top note doesn't really mean it's a citrus fragrance. Such notes tend to disappear within the first two to three minutes. It's hard to see how that qualifies a fragrances as citrus. By this definition most men's fragrances are citrus fragrances, as most men's fragrance tend to have fleeting citrus top notes.

    What makes for a true citrus fragrance is for the citrus to be the predominant note throughout the drydown. An almost impossible thing to achieve. The only fragrances that manage to keep a citrus note throughout the drydown and, hence, in terms of my definition, are true citrus fragrances are the following:[/blue]

    Citron Citron EDT and EDP
    Eau dâHadrien EDT
    Hadrien Absolu
    YSL Pour Homme Haute Concentration

    [blue]Of these *Citron Citron* EDT and EDP and *Eau d'Hadrien* are the most purely citrus-based fragrances. Even *Hadrien Absolu*, the EDP version of *Eau d'Hadrien*, is really a citrus floral. *Eau d'Hadrien* has less ylang ylang in it, which makes it more purely citrus, but, of course, the trade off is that it doesn't last very long.

    The problem with citrus oils has to do with the molecules they are composed of. They tend to be light and simple and easily and quickly break down once exposed to air. The molecules of oils such as those that make up the main fixatives used in perfumery--sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, oakmoss etc.--are heavier, denser, more complex molecules and, hence, take longer to break down. The molecules that make up natural civet can take up to 40 years to completely break down. Just some thoughts.

    Sorry if you got more than you asked for JohnHenry.



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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Agua de Loewe and Eau de Rochas are the citrus scents I like the most.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    I like Monsieur de Givenchy, Acqua di Parma + Colonia Assoluta, Neroli Sauvage, and Guerlain Imperial.


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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Colonia Assoluta
    Original Vetiver
    Bigarade Concentree

    Three way tie for first.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    My longest lasting citrus scents (that last an entire work day) are
    D&G Masculine, Rochas Lui, Benetton Sport, Boucheron, Weekend Burberry.

    Somewhat less long lasting, but still good for most of the day are
    Eau de Rochas, Aqua de Portofino, Biotherm Aquafitness.

    But if you're talking about woody-citrus scents like Live Jazz,
    then Versace Green Jeans and Azzaro Chrome are very long lasters, with Cerrutti 1881 a little less so.

    Eau Sauvage, L'eau Par Kenzo, Hermes Orange Verte and YSL Homme just don't cut it in the lasting power stakes, and L'Eau de Hadrian is a female scent.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    My opinion:

    Aqua di Parma

    and even better

    Green Water by Jaques Fath

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Go with classics: Eau Sauvage, YSL Pour Homme or Eau de Rochas

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    It doesn't get "citrusier" than Monsieur Balmain - it's just like biting a lemon again and again.
    Just have a look at the bottle and you know it's true:

    I think there also is a peppermint note that keeps the scent coming back again and again..............


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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    Don't forget about Boss in Motion.

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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    I'd try Hadrien Absolu, which I believe is EdP strength.
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    Default Re: Best citrus scent

    so far my favorite is definatly eau savage

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