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    German fashion brand Hugo Boss, whose fragrance license is held by the beauty division of US consumer-goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G), is launching men‚s fragrance Boss Soul on February 1, 2005. The scent, which targets consumers from 25 to 35, is the men‚s counterpart of Boss Intense, a women‚s fragrance launched last year.

    Boss Soul opens with top notes of black pepper, mandarin, bergamot and cardamom. Its heart is a mixture of cinnamon, lavender and coriander, which flows into a woody base of musk, amber and Tamboti wood. The scent, formulated by Ursula Wandel of Swiss flavor and fragrance manufacturer Givaudan, comes in a packaging and bottle designed by France-based company Ateliers Dinand.

    Both a television advert and an in-store visual will accompany the launch, shot by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh and featuring one-time Boss apparel model Mark Van Der Loo. Speaking with, P&G Beauté key accounts director France Yann Galina described the media launch campaign as „very Procterš involving exclusive and extensive television advertising so as to cultivate „high awareness of the products, very fast.š

    The EdT spray comes in 50ml and 90ml sizes at •43 and •55 respectively. Ancillaries include a 50ml and 90ml aftershave spray (•39 and •48), a 75ml aftershave balm (•32), a 200ml shower gel (•18) and a deodorant in both 150ml spray and 75ml stick formats (•18).

    On the horizon is another fragrance launch for men called Hugo Energize, targeting the 18-25 year old. Boss‚s departure into skincare with a men‚s line, which it had intended to launch June 2005, has now been pushed back to an unspecified date. „The line will come out but we have to wait for the right time and the right conditions,š P&G Beauté director France Jonathan Hewlett explains.

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    There's this gag on an old episode of The Simpsons: Homer and his lush friend Barney go to the Duff Brewery, and the tour guide is standing in front of three vats of beer. One vat is labeled "Duff," one is labeled "Duff Lite," and one is labeled "Duff Dry," and there are three pipes dispensing beer into each respective vat. The camera zooms back to reveal each of the three pipes are connected overhead to one big pipe. All three of these "unique" beers are the same swill.

    This is what I imagine the Hugo Boss cologne factory to be like. One vat labeled "Boss in Motion," one labeled "Baldessarini," one labeled "Hugo," etc., etc., all filled with the same crappy, smell-alike juice. Boss Soul? Really, who cares? It all smells the same.

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    Serpent - I always hold your opinions in high regard. Your ability to dsicriminate the gold from the garbage is what makes your posts so interesting.

    I do like Baldessarini and Boss in Motion however. Bald is a good citrus/fruit scent with a very pleasant drydown, and BIM (my friends joke about calling it BM to allude to something not so polite) really wowed me with its strange buttercream basenote and orange juice top note. I will admit that I don't wear these very often, but I like them enough that I am curious to see what Boss will turn out next!


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    I really like:

    Elements Aqua
    Boss Bottled
    I loved Boss Sport, one of my all time faves.

    Baldessarini is also ok IMO.

    The rest I donęt like at all:
    Dark Blue
    BIM etc.

    But the first 3 mentioned ones Ięll defend, IMHO theęre wellblended and original, especially the Aqua.


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    Hi Serpent,
    I enjoyed reading your post. But I think only Armani developes new fragrances this way. Mania, Black Code, emporio white, night ??? It's all the same to me.

    The new Boss fragrance is, although nothing special, different from all the other Boss scents out there. It has nothing in common with Baldessarini, In Motion or Bottled.

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    I think Baldessarini is very respectable and gets the attention just like hugo did and still does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy
    The new Boss fragrance is, although nothing special, different from all the other Boss scents out there. It has nothing in common with Baldessarini, In Motion or Bottled.
    Hi Tim,

    I must strongly disagree here. When I smelled it yesterday for the first time my first thoughts were: Dark Blue in a new bottle!! Later on in the drydown it is blended with a touch of Boss no. 6 and an even smaller touch of Boss In Motion.

    All in all a giant disappointment!! I just cannot believe that they (not just Boss) keep on sending these kind of scents on the market - really, they have had their 15 minutes of fame - next, please!


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    Mic I really hope you are wrong. I like most of the Hugo collection and I would really hate if this one was a bust. I'll just have to smell it for myself soon.

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