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    are there any other male fragrance communities i can browse in addition to basenotes?

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    There is That is geared to women. It is very good though for reviews of scents. Also, try which is another good site for reviews.

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    Perfume of Life is one. I actually tried posting at Perfume of Life before I tried posting at the old Yahoo board. However, I made 4 posts, 3 were completely ignored and on the fourth, I got a snippy and rude, solitary reply (this was like 4 years ago). Thus I came here (and thank god I did). POL has some men posting, including many who hold "joint citizenship" from here. However, the talk very much is geared towards women's scents. Perfume emporium is great for the person who is into reading that "what scents do chicks dig" compilation before each new purchase (not meant as an insult just an observation). Basenotes is the only one that specializes solely in men's scents (that I know of of course).

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