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    Default Lutens' Un Bois Sepia

    yeah, ANOTHER Lutens post from me, ok, ok... (I like stuff by other houses too, I swear!) I've had a decant of this for quite a while and never really liked it, thinking it was too dry and bitter and just kind of weird. Well, my taste has been slowly evolving since I started this hobby and checking on this board about a year ago. I just got Chene, which I love, which shares some similar characteristics with this, notably the woods, dryness, and bitter quality, although they don't smell alike at all. So I got my little decant out of Sepia today just to remind myself of what it is like and to see if my perception changed since my appreciation of Chene... LOVE IT! I detect so much more in this one than I did previously and I think it is magnificent, very masculine and intoxicating, complex, arresting, potent... has a sharp edge that packs a punch but is comforting at the same time. Forget LV Vetiver, I'll save my dough for a full bottle of this beauty! Anyone else know it?

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    Default Re: Lutens' Un Bois Sepia

    bwp, you're killing me with these Lutens posts.... ;D

    Actually, I really appreciate your impressions. I have been dying to try Un Bois Sepia and knowing it shares characteristics with Chene just adds to my fever.
    On an initial quick try, SL scents can sometimes be off-putting but a thorough sampling/full wearing almost always proves that wrong. Incredible, heady, rich, complex liquid art that always satisfies the fragrance craving.

    Thanks and keep posting!


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    Default Re: Lutens' Un Bois Sepia

    OK, I will keep posting, if you insist... ;D But a full bottle of the Sepia will be my last purchase for awhile. ...yeah, right! You're right about them being off-putting at first. Honestly, so many of his scents that are now my favorites (this, Chergui, Sultan, Vetiver, Lavande) I either HATED or was just indifferent to at first. But even the ones I hated I was compelled to keep trying for some reason... maybe it's true hate is just a twisted form of love? Maybe I hated them so passionately I ended up loving them? ;D I dunno, being a working artist myself I guess I have an appreciation for this type of stuff.

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    Default Re: Lutens'  Un Bois Sepia

    I call Spia a "tree-hugging scent"! ;D

    I don't find it sharp or bitter at all but very "enveloping" and comfortable. It has cypress, oakmoss, vetiver, opoponax, patchouli and sandalwood notes. One of my autumn favourites.
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: Lutens' Un Bois Sepia

    I'm getting a full bottle of this soon and I've never even tried it before. It just sounds good!

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    Default Re: Lutens' Un Bois Sepia

    This is one of my favorite non-export Lutens. I have a decant that I don't use as often as I like for fear that it runs out. Full bottles on eBay are about $180, and I don't have plans for a Paris trip at the moment. I read a thread from the Basenotes archive that mentioned something about a US Shiseido distributor that allows for mail order of non-export SL to the US. Does anyone know if this is correct?

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    Default Re: Lutens' Un Bois Sepia

    Quote Originally Posted by tigrushka
    I call Spia a "tree-hugging scent"! ;D
    Yes, it has such a natural smell it makes me want to hug a tree too... then chop it down so I can get more of that great smell! Then maybe make a cabinet out of it or something.
    And as far as having US distribution... that would be SO nice, but is probably just wishful thinking... but let's keep our fingers crossed. Actually, that will probably happen since I've already shelled out the inflated prices to get them!

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