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    Default Creed Quality: Real vs Fakes?

    Is there a way to tell if you are buying a real Creed versus a fake bottle?

    I ask because I bought Creed MI from and the juice was very very weak. I couldn't smell it at all, had to spray my self a number of times to even smell it. I don't know the date of the cologne because the date was scratched off, the box itself was not shrink wrapped either.

    I then bougth some GIT and Himalaya from Perfume Bay, and the quality of the jucies were much higher. I would spray it on and I would just stick (so to speak).

    Comparing these two boxes from the one for they were different. The 2 from perfumebay had dates on them 2002 and 2004. (BTW: Side question, what dates are "good"?) As well the big difference was that the 2  from perfumebay had arabic writting on the side to the boxes where as the one from did not. As well one of the boxes was shrink wrapped.

    What does an offical Creed perfume box look like? Are there certain things I can look for to know that it is real? Maybe the age of the cologne has to play a factor as well? Should the boxes be shrink wrapped? I ask because if I'm going to pay $80 for some cologne, I want to know that I getting the real, legit stuff, Not fakes. To buy off the interent seems to be such an easy way for someone to send you fake stuff and we would never know the differece.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    BTW: I like the smell of all 3! MI smelled good but it seemed weak, I plan to buy it again from, but not from

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    Default Re: Creed Quality: Real vs Fakes?

    I have made purchases from a variety of different places.
    One being from (the bond store in NY)
    Those boxes were no different than the ones I purchased from perfumedistributor or 1stperfume. The ones you seem to be speaking of are most likely from the middle east "grey market"
    They may be "older" or have succumbed (sp) :P to the elements in their travels.

    There have many many posts about this particular topic ... do a search and you'll see numerous posts.

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