Is there anything more pleasant than coming home and finding a package on your doormat?

Today was one of these happy days, my L'Occitane Cannelle Orange arrived.

It's a shame that I can't smell it properly today, because I used a lot of Eau d'Herm¸s (bought it yesterday, talking about obsession...), but I'll try a quick review:

First impression: Starts like many L'Occ fragrances, for example Eau de Cologne superfine, but that's just for the first twenty seconds. Then there is orange, very strong, very fruity but very nice. Like freshly squeazed orange juice.

Then, the orange fades away a little and there's this typical eau de cologne smell again. I expected the cinnamon to be stronger but it's nice, subtle and warm. Definitely not overpowering.

I might be wrong and influenced by the Herm¸s on me, but I do think there are similarities between Eau d'Herm¸s and Cannelle Orange. The fresh citrus beginning and then the light spicy drydown. Although I have to admit that the Herm¸s is far more complex. I can't make out ambery or floral notes in the Cannelle.

Conclusion: Great subtle scent for the winter and fall, but I think I'll be enjoying this in the summer too. Thanks to the fantastic orange note.