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    Default Eau d'Herm¸s Review

    Today I bought the wonderful Eau d'Herm¸s. It's on sale at the Hamburg Airport at the moment so I took the chance and bought myself a 100ml bottle. And I totally love it.
    A little like classic eau de colognes like 4711 with soft leathery notes and nice spicy notes. It comes with a nice little book about the scent. Here's what it says:

    " Eau d'Herm¸s is a mythical fragrance of Herm¸s, created from the meeting between Emile Herm¸s and Edmond Roudnitska. One was a saddlemaker, the other a perfumer. Both were master craftsmen and lovers of beautiful materials. Both shared a passion for combining innovation and tradition, and together they created a highly original perfume harmony, an exceptional "Eau".

    At the time, 1951, Eau d'Herm¸s was distributed exclusively in Herm¸s stores, in a crystal bottle that could be personalised with an engraved message, a service that is still available today.


    For Eau d'Herm¸s' 50th birthday, Herm¸s has decided to put its Eau back in the spotlight and honour this olfactory masterpiece that has become a timeless reference in luxury perfumes.

    The fragrance

    Edmond Roudnitska is the perfumer of the century, the creator of many great perfumery classics. Eau d'Herm¸s is a true and original work of art, rich with emotions, intense and discreet.
    To reflect the sumptous sobriety of Herm¸s, Edmond Roudnitska found inspiration in a personal memory: "the fragrance wafting from the interior of a Herm¸s bag [...] a note of delicate leather coated with the fresh scents od citrus fruits and flavoured with spices".

    The construction of Eau d'Herm¸s offers a rare and surprising olfactory development.
    Defined as a citrus spicy floral fragrance, Eau d'Herm¸s is infinitely rich in sensations, which develop in 7 accords:

    Freshness of citrus fruits: Bergamot, petitgrain lemon

    Sparkling presence of aromatic herbs: sage, lavender

    Bold spices: coriander, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon

    Subtle flowery notes: jasmine, geranium

    Gentle amber harmony: vanilla, tonka bean, labdanum

    Intensity of woody notes: sandalwood, cedar, mosses

    Tenacity of the leather accord: birch, cumin

    Eau d'Herm¸s captures the perfect harmony for a "skin fragrance", with a subtle tenacity and a distinct trail.

    An unforgettable perfume signature, a unique composition admired by both men and women. [...] "

    Has anyone of you tried this one? Opinions, please!

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    Default Re: Eau d'Herm¸s Review

    This first time I tried Eau d'Herm¸s, is was pure cumin. I'm talking straight taco seasoning mix, the smell of bad gringo "Mexican" food. It was Eau de Taco Bell. Don't mistake me, I love cumin. Three of my favorite scents are Femme, Dolce Vita, and Kingdom, all of which have prominent cumin notes, but this was ridiculous.

    The second time I tested Eau d'Herm¸s was in the summertime, a warm day when I was running errands and perspiring a bit. The cumin faded more quickly and melded with the citrus, and the effect was sweeter, fruitier. It took me little while to place it: Pez candies. It was so distinctive, faintly powdery and slightly sweet, but with a dry edge. I applied it too lightly and was perspiring a bit too much to get a good reading of the drydown, sadly. (Leathery scents don't tend to last on me, either.)

    I'm wanting to try Eau d'Herm¸s a third time. If it doesn't go supercuminy and proves to be the one leather scent that clings to my skin longer than a half-hour, it may be the fourth Herm¸s scent I add to my arsenal (and my biggest about-face since Kingdom).

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    Default Re: Eau d'Herm¸s Review

    Eau d'Hermes is quite a lovely scent, but, as all Hermes frags, it doesn't last long on me at all and I traded it.

    I believe Bel Ami and Rocabar are better, but they are all quite classy.

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