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    Default Holy Cow!  Check out fragrances @

    I can't believe my eyes. Fragrances, and a large selection including some hard to find ones, at From Creed, to D'Orsay, to Fresh, to Tiffany, to Kiton, to Acqua di Parma, to Knize Ten, to Caswell-Massey, to Roger & Gallet, to Trussardi, to well, I think you get the picture.
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    Default Re: Holy Cow!  Check out fragrances @

    I did a brief scan of their men's fragrances and noticed a couple of things: one, a lot of them are "out of stock," and 2) do their prices seem higher than some of the other on-line parfume shops?

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    Default Re: Holy Cow!  Check out fragrances @

    I purchase a lot of (non fragrance) items from Amazon.  They have both items that they carry in their various warehouses AND shops that sell through their website.  If you notice, virtually all of the fragrances they sell are through a company other than Amazon, with a storefront within the site.  Beautiful Perfumes, FragranceX, 99Perfume, FragranceNet ... they all sell through Amazon.  If you go to their own websites without going through Amazon, the prices are the same.  

    However, there are two good thing about shopping through Amazon.

    First, you get to see what all their shops offer for your search, instead of you having to go through the individual websites.  In fact, if you go to the storefront within the Amazon site, they have a feedback tab where you can see how customers rate the store.

    Second, Amazon is great with resolving customer complaints.  If you ever have a problem with a merchant, they will help you resolve it.  In fact, I had a problem with a merchant selling me a defective product through Amazon and after using their A to Z guarantee, I got my money back from AMAZON ... and THEY went after the merchant.  

    Amazon is good .... if you can find what you want.  I don't see too many niche fragrances there.  I do see a lot of Creed's but that's about it.

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    Default Re: Holy Cow!  Check out fragrances @

    Items from the 'Beauty' site in amazon are not shipped by amazon. Amazon provides a site for other online retailers to list their products in return for a fee/commission. In a few instances, you will find a fragrance sold by different vendors for different prices. It's a good site to find out what available online.

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