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    Default need recommendations again : )

    Need help again from the basenotes community. I'm in a little sticky myself, and need your expert noises.

    Hereās the thing, I just tried Pasha by Cartier and it smells really herbal to me. Does any1 know any substitute that smells like that, but without the herbal notes? The thyme is what I can't stand, plus the ppl around me says it smells like cat pee on me, funny huh? I really like that cologne though......

    Also how long does Channel Platinum Egoiste last on you guys? I just discovered this cologne, and just love it. Probably going to buy it and wear it all day long too.

    Thanks for all the recommendations!

    Ps - does anyone notices that TM cologne smells like issey?

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    Default Re: need recommendations again : )

    Hi there!

    I'm very sorry but I can't figure out any scent that would smell much like Pasha minus the herbal notes But perhaps you could try YSL Jazz? It doesn't smell similar to Pasha, but has rather similar character IMO - classy, light, woody scent with good sillage, although Jazz is less formal. RL's Safari has thyme too, so it's probably too herbal to your nose too, but you better test it by yourself! I'm sure other basenoters will give you more suggestions and I hope you'll find our advice helpful!

    Oh and about the longevity of Egoiste Platinum. I don't own it, but those times I've sampled it it has lasted very well on my skin - easily over 10 hours!

    With best regards,

    ps. No, to my nose Cologne and Issey hasn't smelled similar to each other, but perhaps that's how they develop on my skin and how my nose "sees" them!?

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    Default Re: need recommendations again : )

    Platinum Egoiste is one I really like very much and it gets better the longer you wear it IMO.

    I know from the wardrobes there are dozens of people here who don't like it or even worse hate it with passion though.

    Nevermind the Bollocks - here's the PLATINUM EGOISTE! ;D

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