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Thread: My new website

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    Default My new website

    I've made a website! It's called ScentedPages, and it features a virtual library catalogue dedicated to the culture and history of perfume. It's like an extensive, categorized bibliography which you can use for your reference. I've created this site because I couldn't find any such thing on the net: the sites that came close were either very small, or contained too many inaccuracies.

    The address of my site is:

    It has some other features as well, which I will continuously update and expand, just like the library catalogue. I'm not a very techincal person, so the site doesn't look very flashy. As soon as I learn how to make it better-looking, I may update the technical and visual aspects as well.

    I'm sure ScentedPages still contains errors and flaws, although I do my best to double- and triple-check all my entries. I've added an email address for feedback and suggestions (in the "About" page) but it's not active yet. I'll let you know when that happens.

    I hope you like the site, and that you will find it a useful reference tool. I owe so many people here at Basenotes a great deal for their inspiring posts, directly or indirectly. Please continue to post on Basenotes, because it will help me to improve ScentedPages through time.


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    Default Re: My new website

    Wow...what a great reference site! Nicely done!!!!!


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    Default Re: My new website


    I am going to Grasse this summer and then I see your note:

    MusÄe International de la Parfumerie
    8, place du Cours
    06130 Grasse, France
    Tel: +33 4 97 05 58 00

    Note: closed for restauration until september, 2006

    Is that really true??

    Mic. ╩:'( :'( :'(

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    Default Re: My new website

    Marcello, nice website!

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    Default Re: My new website

    WOW! I'm very impressed, 'Cello! Bookmark time!
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darŘber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: My new website

    Good work Marcello. Very cool!

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    Default Re: My new website

    marcello, many thanks for this wonderful resource....this is obviously a labour of love.


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    Default Re: My new website

    That`s a great site, Marcello!
    I`d love to have some of those texts.
    Do you have a plans to have some book texts in your site??
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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    Default Re: My new website

    thanks all for your kind words

    I need to fix a few technical issues, because on some monitors the site looks very crappy.

    hope I can fix those things ASAP

    as far as publishing excerpts or entire texts, I would need authorisation from the authors/publishers to avoid copyright infringements. So for the moment that's not very likely...


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    Default Re: My new website

    Marcello, great work, thanks!


    Regards, Odor.
    "One man's "cat piss" is another one's "masterpiece" (popular fragrance wisdom)

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    Default Re: My new website

    Good Work Marcello,great information .

    TOP 5:'''''''''''''''

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    Default Re: My new website

    ;D Great job Marcello, a must-bookmark for every fragrance bookworm. Some titles sound so interesting, I think I'll be spending a lot of money on books in the next months. Again, great job! ;D

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    Default Re: My new website

    Thanks Marcello.

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    Default Re: My new website

    Oh My God - how much time - how much love!

    This is the place to go to and look up things.

    Bookmark - Time


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    Default Re: My new website

    Mic, I'm afraid the museum is closed until September 2006:

    "Le MusÄe International de la Parfumerie ferme ses portes du 30 septembre 2004 ł septembre 2006, afin de permettre le dÄroulement de ses travaux d'extension et de restructuration. Cette fermeture est donc placÄe sous le signe du renouveau."


    I will be updating the site as often as possible, and I hope to make it a bit more user-friendly too. Changes coming soon...

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    Default Re: My new website

    WOW, I'm speechless! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us - much appreciated!


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    Default Re: My new website

    Good work Marcello,

    Interesting site. Well done


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