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    Default Fortuitous social duels

    Called up by the "The danger of overspray" thread, here are two little amusing situations accidentally happened to me during recent month or two.

    1. Santos vs. Eternity FM
    I was heading to work in the morning via a local microbus.
    In a cornerwise direction behind me sat a young man about my age. He just *reeked* of Eternity FM (have he had a shower of the stuff?). I realize he didn't want to hurt anyone, but at the same time I suppose many of you know how cloying Eternity FM can be on the right person. ;D
    I did my best to breathe away from him and VERY slowly for not to get an instant "overdose" of that.

    In my turn, I was wearing 4-5 sprays of Santos. According to my usual wintertime routine, only 3 of them were actually "on the outside" - behind the ears and back of the neck (the other two were under the shirt).
    In about 3 or 5 minutes the man started to wheeze out loud, sneezing occasionally. Once he found a source - i.e. me - he started turning his head in my direction and backwards to give me a couple of scorching looks. In 15 minutes he got off the microbus.

    During all this time I've been sitting at my place like a sphinx, enjoying Santos (yes, it's been coming out occasionally through that Eternity "smoke-screen&quot and showing nothing more than a steady quiet breath (hehe, a trained nose? ;D).

    THE MORAL: a little goes a long way. ;D

    That same moral can be applied to the story that happened to me past summer when a lady hurried away, off the overcrowded microbus. It looked like that was because of my sweat on that really hot day didn't seem to get along well with my boss ( I mean that apple-sick oriental Bottled cologne I was wearing at that moment). I was quite upset, but thought everyone needs a lesson from time to time.

    2. On the escalator
    On some good day of past December I went out for New Year gifts shopping.
    In the local shopping center, a beautiful young lady in her early 20s got on the escalator right ahead of me. Contrary to her charming appearance, she's been indelicately exposing a big thick cloud of some sickeningly synthetic fruity-sweet scent. Believe me, I was far from trying to figure out what could it be. I wouldn't call THAT a sillage, if you will.

    This time I couldn't help controlling myself. I wheezed a bit, and the smelly stuff made me sneeze explosively a couple of times (into my handkerchief, of course). I dunno what it was, but there are some modern perfumes that have that (merciless to my palate) synthetic sweet note. Heard Escada makes such stuff in heaps, but I don't know for sure.

    The lady noticed a little rattle of mine and turned back for a moment.
    I smiled to her and couldn't say no better than what mignt in English sound like "Whawd ehh fazzinating buuhr-vjume yew wuuhring!" with the handkerchief at my stuffy nose.
    The next moment we got off the escalator and headed in different directions.

    THE MORAL: Every fragrance deserves a Basenoter's compliment whatever other circumstances.

    Regards, Odor.
    "One man's "cat piss" is another one's "masterpiece" (popular fragrance wisdom)

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    Default Re: Fortuitous social duels

    hey, Man!
    5 spritzes of Santos could be more than average...
    Vetiver The Great!!!

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