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    Default How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    I'm liking it more and more, sampled it several times. Does it last longer than their Jockey Club? I like JC but can't smell it on myself after an hour.

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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    Jockey Club lasted a while on me. #6 lasts only a couple minutes on me but was amazing while it lasted. I think Rust_Monster has said that it lasts longer in the summer... probably with the humidity.

    I've also noticed that scents last longer the more often I wear them... must have something to do with conditioning the schnoz.
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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    Mister is right. On me, in the heat, No. 6 lasts well. I recently wore it to work on an 80 degree day (hot compared to what we've had, but nothing like what's coming) and I could smell it all day. It may be my skin, but it has a nice tendency - on me - to revive when my body temp goes up (i.e. it covers my b.o. with a nice citrus scent )

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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    May be I'm an exception of some sort, but Number Six lasts very well on me. My little treasure, this one. It was very hard to get, so for me it's NOT casual. ;D

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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    ╩ ╩ No.6 lasts all day for me too.
    ╩Citrus fades away after about 30 minutes and it gets musky/traditional in the vein of Floris 89, Crown Imperial and Hammam Bouquet but certainly no where near as complex as those. There must be a floral componant in No. 6 as well.
    ╩If I apply too much, it gets cloying after a while.
    I'm really surprised that this one doesn't last well on most people. ╩ ╩It does last longer than Jockey Club on me.
    ╩ ╩ ╩ ╩ ╩ ╩ ╩Eric ╩ 8)

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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    I was looking forward to trying this, partly because it was made in 1752 and George Washington wore it. ╩I do like it--the citrus is smooth but muted, and I notice some musk and light wood, plus a slight hay-like note (perhaps a few floral notes) and a very slight toothpaste or chalky-mineral scent (maybe mint). ╩And the way it's formulated does convey a sense of Colonial America to me, just the way many scents out today smell contemporary. ╩(I can't explain it--it just smells like how I imagine something from that time period would smell.) ╩

    It's pretty light on me, and doesn't really project or last long. ╩Then again, they say it's "cologne water," rather than an EDT. ╩

    I would have to say there are many other frags that are more well-defined with clearer notes, frags with more presence. ╩But perhaps when they made this, they wanted something comfortable and low-key. ╩Still, Number Six does have its own upstanding and unique character, but it'll probably be more of an occasional curiosity wear for me. I am glad Caswell-Massey is still in business and selling their frags, so we can see for ourselves what people wore so long ago.

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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    I used to own this and wore it sometimes. I agree it didn't really last that long on me. Its a unique old-fashioned fragrance that is enjoyable to smell sometimes. I just didn't wear it enough so I sold it.

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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    i`m fan of citrus fragances,and C-M 6 is a great fragance for me,for me is not lasting too.
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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    No6 is very long lasting on me for a Eau de Cologne is much more diffrent then No4711 which last breifly on the skin.

    The citrus notes do fade but the 100 plus notes linger. On me this scent last all day.

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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    I'm curious to try this one...just to find out what old Georgie smelled like! ;D
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    Default Re: How do you like C-M "Number Six"?

    Since posting this question long ago, I have subsequently tried it and done some semi-systematic tests.

    On most other people, it smells warm, soapy with an undercurrent of smooth citrus. Basically, a fragrance I really like.

    On me, it smells thin, harsh and very orangey.

    I was at Caswell-Massey one day and sprayed some on, and so did a friend who wears it well. And we had three separate people give the smell test to both of us. All three people agreed with my assessment above. Basically, on me it's like some cheap bug spray.

    There's a C-M about three blocks form my office. I've sampled everything they have many times. About the only C-M fragrances I like are Lord Ashley Cooper, like a very upper crust Old Spice if a bit monotone, and Knize Ten, which I understand C-M is the sole U.S. distributor for.


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