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    Default Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long)

    Here is a post that may address the previous and inevitable posts on what is the best fragrance to wear to get the ladies.

    Those who post questions like this are usually of the younger age bracket so I will address this to them.

    First things first, letās get it straight that confidence is the most appealing trait for females and males. Confidence to be your own person, to do what you believe is correct and to be determined in your pursuits.
    So get an education, go to the gym, have some hobbies and be comfortable with you. Basically have a life. When you have done that then continue reading.

    Ok, letās start with a generality.

    Women like people who smell nice. How many times have you heard a woman say "he just smelled good"
    Women like the sweeter scents.
    Just smell some womenās perfume for yourself. I have known some men to be given the most compliments on their cologne after their girlfriend sprayed some perfume on them. Remember the confidence thing. Even some of the most masculine scents have a sweater note to them somewhere in that complex pyramid.
    So you can start by looking at the colognes with a hint of sweetness, but I would suggest you try some of the more unique scents, not the popular ones.

    Colognes such as Acqua di Gio may not necessarily be the best, it's only one of the best marketed. Most girls will say it's one of their favourites because it's one of the few they like that they smell all over the place. Doesn't mean you canāt find one that smells better and smells original. And remember it may not be good for you to be wearing something that every man and his dog are using.
    Be distinctive.

    Plus, if you wear nice cologne that is rather obscure, for the most part girls will associate that scent with you and will have to be around you to smell it. That's another incentive to stay away from the really popular stuff.

    With the above point in mind, I would suggest you pick a scent that will become your signature scent. This may take some trial and error.
    I believe it's better to stick to one main scent and rotate it with a few others during different season, night/day etc. The reason is because smell is actually the strongest recognitory sense, so by sticking to the same cologne, you create your identity via your scent. More importantly, the scent will trigger someoneās memories of their time with you and can act as an extremely powerful anchor.
    Don't you find some perfumes remind you of an ex-girlfriend or some cologne you haven't used for a while can transport your mind back to the period (childhood, that special someone) you wore them?
    So use classic conditioning to your advantage.

    But donāt just ignore the more common scents.
    If you want to learn about the very deep world of fragrances it is best to understand everything, and what better place to start than with the popular fragrances. Some are very good. They are not popular for no reason.
    Here is a very short list of SOME of these for your convenience.

    Cool Water

    Swiss Army

    Romance - ralph lauren

    Aqua De Gio - Armani

    Polo Sport

    Gucci Envy

    Victorias Secret

    Polo Blue

    Cerutti Image



    Hugo Boss (The collection)

    Find what appeals to you so that you are confident wearing it. It has been stated by many women that they would jump ····(insert super hunk/movie star/singer) even if they were covered in faeces. This is normaly due to the power of confidence exuded by these men, not the smell (I hope :-/).
    So you may not want to be wearing a fragrance that makes you uncomfortable.

    If you are having trouble, then you are in the right place. Basenotes is full of the most insightful and knowledgeable fragrance people I know. Ask your questions and you will always get a good response.

    Happy hunting.

    Ps. I take no responsibility for any future addiction to fragrances that may develop.

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long

    Very well. When you start buying colognes, and start collecting colognes, you'll notice it's really not that you want to attract the ladies anymore, it's simply that your addiction is out of control! The hobby is integrated into your brain, your daily function depends on it. This is very bad. I do not suggest buying cologne at all to the people who are just starting, it's time consuming, money consuming, highly not recommended. For some of us it's already to late, we will go to graves with our collections, but that's ok, at least we'll die very happy men.

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long

    I agree... it's CONFIDENCE that will be most appealing to whomever you are trying to "win" over.

    That is why I believe that it's not so much which fragrances elicit the most compliments from OTHERS that is the holy grail; it's the fragrances that WE love on OURSELVES that is the key ingredient to interpersonal relationships. When WE feel good we exude an ambience of confidence, which will benefit all of our interpersonal relationships, whether it be significant other, coworker, or supermarket checkout person.

    Wear the fragrance that YOU like. I will repeat... wear the fragrance that YOU like.

    Wearing a scent that you abolutely adore will provide a much more satisfying life than wearing one that you think is mediocre, but still wear it because you THINK that it will attract the ladies.

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long

    ditto, Octothorpe!

    sometimes its just the scent of a man that gets me going (no i'm not talking about BO!)

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long


    Ok, I will admit... Rive Gauche is a good start if you're trying to "get the ladies".

    BUT... YOU have to like it, and be mature and confident enough to pull it off. If so, you're in! 8)
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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long

    *sigh* I dont know how i will like Rive Gauche, i just dont like it at all regardless of such a high rating by most people. I really dont know what it is, tried it a few times, bought a bottle, tried some more, just went downhill and gave it away, it was that horrandous to me. Wanted to like it, but never happend. Guess it's not meant to be. In fact, i dont think any retro smelling colognes are appealing to me. Since i'm not looking to attract the ladies as i'm seriously involved, i guess it's ok to not have this gem in my collection. Hopefully someday i will start to like it, who knows.

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long

    Hacker, Count me as another who just doesn't get Rive Gauche. Tried a lots of time just don't get it ... :-/
    The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
    -- Marcel Proust

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long

    I'm not sure if this is part of your links to 'the scents that get the ladies' but it has some reasonable advice for the new members (young).
    Maybe part of the suggested sticky?

    And it certainly is not because I started it!

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long)

    Don't intend to be snide here: But the first and foremost tip is hygiene. Shower first and then apply a high quality cologne to the neck (sparingly) and to the chest area (liberally).

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long)

    women seem to love sean john unforgivable..

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long)

    Funny coincidence! I was just watching a show on TV (called MANswers! ) - and it said that the best scent to get ladies is the smell of pumpkin pie!

    So... which scent on the market smells like pumpkin pie? Curious minds want to know!
    "Faites des bźtises, mais faites les avec enthousiasme !" Colette

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long)

    Women find anise to be sexually stimulating...Guess what contains anis, the inevitable Rive Gauche bien sur!

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    Default Re: Looking for the best scent to get ladies (long)

    'what women like'. what do men like? what do 40 year olds like? what do romanian people like?

    who knows. buy perfume that *you* like.
    current favourites: guerlain vetiver, trumper eucris, adp colonia
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