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    Default Seeking opinions .....................

    There are several trades I'm considering. If you've used any of the frags listed below, what do you think of them ?

    1. Herrera for Men

    2. Pi

    3. D&G Masculine

    4. Eau D'Orange

    5. Gucci PH

    6. Allure Sport

    7. Platinum Egoiste

    Thanks for your input!


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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................


    1. Herrera for Men - A modern fougere, very nice. Cloves tobacco amber and some unidetified sweet note make this blend a winner.

    2. Pi - Vanilla (or infinium -whatever) overload. Extremely strong and sweet, you have to love vanilla for this one - also pretty onedimensional IMO.

    3. D&G Masculine - Modern classic. Distinct. Tobacco, citrus cinnamon etc in a potent mix. Not a personal favourite but everyone seems to love this.

    4. Eau D'Orange - I take it that you mean the Herm¸s? If you cant get the concentrated version -don«t bother. The original dissappears in 5 minutes. Great smell though, fresh zesty green citrus (biggarade) with some mint - extremely invigorating.

    5. Gucci PH - Not a fan myself. Smokey cedarwood with some subtle sweetness, stays very close to the skin. Classy but boring.

    6. Allure Sport - I love it! Superfresh update of the original Allure, white musk, tonka and nice citrus. Lasts well, never overpowering - one of the best fresh, modern scents. Awesome looking bottle too.

    7. Platinum Egoiste - Good one too. Smoke, woods, lavender and sage. Its very "clean" though considering the composition. Amazing sillage and staying power.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    Ok, so my tastes are almost totally different...

    1. don't know it
    2.Pi is very sweet vanilla, agreed
    3.don't know
    4.don't know
    5.Gucci pour Homme is my fave of the list, a fairly rich coffee like fragrance-woody oriental, not classic perhaps but very nice example of the style.
    6.Allure Sport did not thrill me at all, soft wood--a little watery fruit on top...
    7.PE totally confounds me as to why anyone would spend anything for it...

    My tastes run toward the heavy and bombastic so if that's not what you like, please ignore me!

    Overcome by Fumes

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    Gucci PH is very good, IMHO.
    I don't care for the rest.

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    1. Herrera for Men

    I like this one. Similar to perhaps XS by Paco R. Spicy, fruity, tobacco, musky, woody, while maintaining a freshness.

    2. Pi

    This did not last more than 30 minutes on me. Vanilla, and, vanilla. Boring.

    3. D&G Masculine

    Powdery citrus, peppermint, crushed herb leaves. Lasts well on me, but was too stale and powdery at the drydown.

    4. Eau D'Orange Verte

    I actually get decent lasting power from this scent. It needs to be reawakened on the skin by a quick splash of water and massage to the skin. Absolutely the most refreshing scent I have encountered.

    5. Gucci PH

    One of the more complex scents on the market IMO. Campfire smell at the start, burnt woody notes mix with roots and incense. Give this one time. I didn't like it until after 2 hours of wearing; settles in spicy, incense, wood.

    6. Allure Sport

    Meh. Bought it and got sick of it after a month. Better than 90% of whats available at the dept. store I think, but just wasnt my thing. Orange, marine, sweet/spice, transparent, "airy" feel to it.

    7. Platinum Egoiste

    Long lasting, fresh, herbal, musky.

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    I only know Carlina Herrera.... For me It's too heavy... Too much clove mixed with some citric notes!!!
    If you don't wear it moderately, you will choke!! ;D

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    1. Herrera for Men - don't know it

    2. Pi - sweet, somewhat overpowering. I have it and wear it occasionally, but for me its one of those that I really have to be in the mood for.

    3. D&G Masculine - don't know it.

    4. Eau D'Orange - great scent, the best...for about 10 minutes.

    5. Gucci PH - woody, pencil-shavings. I like it, but there are probably better woody scents out there

    6. Allure Sport - don't know it

    7. Platinum Egoiste - very versatile scent, the one out of the bunch that I'd be trading for if it were me.


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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    Herrera for Men is great stuff. I owned a bottle in college before basenotes existed. It is strong and masculine but not old man smelling either. I'd get it.

    Pi - too sweet with too much vanilla, if you want something similar but better than this I'd go with Cristobal or Rochas

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    8) I love Orange Verte, but not during cold weather. During summer, it's wonderful . . . it lasts long enough for me. Get the big, 15 ounce bottle, at great prices online. I think Imagination Perfumery has it cheapest . . .

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    1. Herrera for Men - Don't Know

    2. Pi - Don't know

    3. D&G Masculine - I wish I had a bottle. I bought Masculine by mistake. Nice classic scent

    4. Eau D'Orange - I have it but do not wear it. It has limited lasting power, but it is a good summer scent.

    5. Gucci PH - I love it. It is on my wish list

    6. Allure Sport - I had Allure; nice scent but not for me. I do not know about Allure Sport.

    7. Platinum Egoiste - I am mixed on this one. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I do not.

    I would go with D&G or GPH

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    Default Re: Seeking opinions .....................

    Pi - Lots of people hate this one. I find its vanilla sweetness magnetic.

    D&G Masculine - lemony cologne with artificial marine centre. Starts off decent, lands upon styrofoam.

    Eau D'Orange - Lots of people love this one. I don't. In fact, smells to me like one of those 'thin line' fragrances - you know, "there's a thin line between love and hate, etc." In this case, there's a thin line between opulent citrus and ambient deodorizer, which to my nose appears to have been trespassed in this case.

    Gucci PH - The old one was nice, playfully formal.

    Allure Sport - I can stand this one only in extreme heat. Otherwise is a pain in the neck. Too pungent, harsh. Givenchy pour Homme is a much much better citrus of this kind.

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