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    Default New Tab+GIT=Original Vetiver?

    I was just looking at the description of Original Vetiver on the Creed site, and I noticed something interesting in the description:

    Creedâs latest fragrance for men (2004) is a delicious balance of fresh green and sensual wood aromas.
    Vetiver from Ha•ti is at its centre rounded by sandalwood from Mysore, iris from Florence, musk and ambergris. However this is no traditional Vetiver, Creedâs creation is fresh and contemporary with deep wood notes topped by mandarin, bergamot from Sicily and a spicy ginger kick.

    Mysore Sandalwood? Florentine Iris? Sounds like GIT to me. And Sicilian Bergamot? Ginger? Just add the tobacco and you've almost got your Tabarome. So what's up with this? Keep in mind, I've never tried Original Vetiver (though I'd love to), but most of you guys have...does it smell like a mix of these two classics?

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    Default Re: New Tab+GIT=Original Vetiver?

    I just can't see how New Tabarome and GIT mixed together would be anything other than a wild, wild mess. I am going to have to spray 'em both on a card, though, just so I can smell the train wreck!

    I could be wrong, of course...

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    Default Re: New Tab+GIT=Original Vetiver?

    I would have to give a BIG no way they smell similar.
    I would say that if these do have the same ingredients they use various amounts of each and...chemically speaking...they may interact differently with the other ingredients in their scent....JMO

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    Default Re: New Tab+GIT=Original Vetiver?

    More like TM Cologne to me. It is very good, but I can't say it is better than TM Cologne. Maybe it smells differently when worn on the chest than when I tested it on my hands a couple months back.
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    Default Re: New Tab+GIT=Original Vetiver?

    OV smells like a better Mugler Cologne to me.

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