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    Default Help! Vacation Cologne

    Greetings fellow cologne lovers,

    First I'd like to start off by saying that I am a new member. I am only at the young age of 16, yet I still love to wear cologne and I'm always interested in experimenting with new ones. I do have somewhat of a knowledge about cologne, but the expertise I lack and the advice I seek has brought me here to the forums at basenotes.

    My question: I will be very recently embarking on a vacation cruise around the Caribeean Islands. I'd love to know which of the colognes I have, or ones you recommend, best suit the warm weather and atmosphere there.

    I'm especially interested, as all boys are my age, in using cologne that also APPEAL to and ATTRACT women (my age of course) at the cruise.

    So what's a good warm-weather cologne to attract women at the mid-teenager years on a cruise on the Caribeean? Thanks in advance, and any response will be greatly appreciated.

    Here's a link to my wardrobe of colognes I currently own, and please feel free to recommend your own to fit my situation.

    Thanks again! 8)

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Wow....anyone out there?

    Please, any imput would be helpful!

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne be sixteen again...oh well back to the topic

    Girls your age will dig Aqua di Gio, Issey M and maybe D&G.
    At least I think they may dig 'em.
    WOW...16 yrs old and you have Himalaya...I am impressed.
    of the ones you do have...I really like Himalaya, John Varvatos, D&G

    Also, I am 30 yrs old.
    Good Luck and go get 'em ;D

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    I'm inclined to say "stick with what you have." All the stuff in your wardrobe looks pretty good to me. If I have to recommend something, I'd say try Rochas Aquaman or Kenzo Pour Homme--they both remind me of the tropics. All the women I've met dig the Kenzo too.
    Top 3: London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, and Sex Panther. (It works 60% of the time, every time.)

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    Default Re: Help! Vacation Cologne

    Thanks for the imput guys.

    And I had to try the legendary Creed cologne. I enjoy Himalaya very much too.

    Since my whole wardrobe cannot accompany me to the trip (suitcases are only so big), bringing Aqua di Gio, D&G pH, and Issey Miyake will suffice for the occasion right?

    Thanks, I'll investigate about Aquaman and Kenzo pH

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Err....any more help?? Anyone else out there?

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Why aren't you in School?

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Carribean Cruise eh? Lucky you.......! Well, just wear Issey during the day and DG at night. Good luck on the trip and get some numbers .
    Current top 5:
    1. Roja UAE
    2. Sospiro Vivace
    2. SHL Generation Homme
    3. ELDO Rien
    4. Brioni EDT
    5. FM French Lover

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Alfred Sung Paradise!

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    If I am going to the Carribean I am wearing Erolfa. However, AdG and the others mentioned above will be fine also.

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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Wow, that is a well-rounded wardrobe for a 16 year old.
    For daytime wear I'd go with L'Eau D'Issey or the hyper fresh Bvlgaru pour Homme. Bring along either the Curve or Hugo for the evenings, as the teenage girls go nuts over both of 'em. They really dig Acqua di Gio as well for some reason, but I'll never understand why.


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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Thank you all very very very much for your imput!

    I will be leaving for the trip tomorrow morning.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and all your compliments, and not to mention your wonderful advice and recommendations.

    Best Wishes and thank you all again,


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    Default Re:  Help! Vacation Cologne

    Go for L'eau D'Issey,Aqua Di Gio or Tommy Summer.

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