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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Quote Originally Posted by bebe_delia View Post
    I'm forward and I speak my mind and I don't consider it rude, but again, if he does that, it wasn't my intention.

    And I just expressed the way I think. And yes, men can wear it, but they must realize they'll turn off 90% of women. And again, I'm not turned off by the non-comformistic part of nail polish, but because it looks bad on a man's hand from my point of view and because it's not according to the style a man I'd look at has. Same applies to make-up on men.

    And I'd like to know what stereotype you defy when you wear nail polish as a guy.
    Just curious to know how you got your job as spokesperson for 90% of women?

    I have worn nail polish at times; black, blue, and some metallic ones. It has enjoyed some popularity among musicians at times, as has eyeliner. I don't wear either much any more, but don't rule it out in the future.

    Many women who like glam rock like this look, I know that; and in any event, 10% of the women in the world would be enough for me!

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    That 90% statistic doesn't really bother me, considering I only find about 1 or 2% of women attractive anyway.

    Regardless, you can figure you're going to drive away about 90% of women, no matter what you do!
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Wink Re: Men and nail polish

    I don't personally wear nail polish on a regular basis, although I've done it together w/ my GF in the past...

    I think color matching with the image of the actual person wearing the polish is more of an issue than whether it's right or not. It's not like the male half of the population are in the lack of nails.

    That said, I've seen a man wearing a sheer blue-ish purple shade that matched the image really well and I found it quite attractive.

    I suppose even if it's something that doesn't match your image a least bit, if you like it enough then go ahead and wear absolutely anything you like.(acrylic nails & french manicure anyone?

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Some years ago i painted a rough black vertical stripe down the center of each nail for a concert i attended and got a lot of positive remarks from women and straight men alike.
    In that environment, it added quirkiness and a air of 'defiance' to ones personality (these were my intentions from the outset).

    Having said this, i personally wouldnt wear it to the office.
    Theres a time and place, but if you can pull it off in an office environment, more power to ya!

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Quote Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
    Theres a time and place...

    Agree. You can't go everywhere in nail polish if you're a man. If your circle is small or you're going to a special event with one type of crowd, like a concert or party, then okay.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    If you want most people to like you/ not be offended then you're going to have to be generic. Otherwise: Wear it until you get tired of it or move on to something else or decide to stay with it. It's cheap, easy to remove--what's the big deal, right?
    Now about the sleeve....

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I guess I can feel the glam rock aspect of it and have seen many musicians and scenesters paint their nails, but to go out on the town or something? It's just not something that I would do.

    And Scentronic is right.

    On a side note, I read somewhere that 96% of statistics are made up on the spot...

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    You are not your perfume.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Quote Originally Posted by bebe_delia View Post
    Work on a macho man? Please, black nail polish and nail polish itself turns me off on men. I don't know what's worse... Men with nail polish or men that chew their nails.

    As I stated before on this forum, I'm attracted to metrosexual men and well, people that take care of themselves, but nail polish and men aren't something I like. Pink is just a color though, I don't see the big deal in men not wearing it. It sends the message that you don't fear stereotypes and you are confident with yourself. Or used to, until it became "trendy". Nail polish won't send that message.

    Black nail polish to me, doesn't send the cross-dresser message, but the message that you'll go home and hang yourself. I can't make up my mind which is worse...
    That how I feel about women smoking and swearing. For the trendy thing. Everything started from some wear.
    Quote Originally Posted by tang View Post
    If pink is "just" a color that men should wear if they want to, the same reasoning about defying stereotypes applies to nail polish: it's "just" a decoration that men should wear if they want to, certainly understanding that it's a little unorthodox, and not worrying so much about what other people think.

    Women who are turned off by a guy's nail polish probably aren't the kind of nonconformists he'd be happy with in the long run anyways.

    To each his or her own.
    Amen . Those types of women are follower and not leader. Stop doing what everyone else does.
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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I've hear Italian dudes do reds and stuff. I'd be intellectually into it. However, as a brainwashed American female, I think it would skeeve me out, especially since I don't even bother with colored fingernails.
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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I have never used nail polish...and don't plan to in the near future.
    I mean what's the point really?

    I stay most of the time underwater anyways LOL.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Yup, works for me. I've been wearing nail polish on my toes ever since my g/f offered to paint them for me. I really liked a dark maroon color she was wearing and I told her such. She returned the compliment by suggesting that I try it. I'm a pretty open-minded kind of guy, so I took her up on the offer. Well, I liked it.

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    Thumbs up Re: Men and nail polish

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenGator View Post
    You can make a statement that you're not the stereotypical macho guy without having to wear nail polish or put on make-up or partake in other such female behaviors. For instance, wear a pink dress shirt with your black suit instead of the typical white shirt. It gives that little "extra touch" without being too effeminate.

    I wear a pink polo shirt out to the bars sometimes, and I've received nothing but positive reactions from women. It demonstrates that you are confident enough in your masculinity to wear a traditionally feminine color and are courageous enough to face the potentially negative comments and reactions coming from other men.

    And I would also like to add that most straight women would be turned off by a man wearing nail polish. However, the pink shirt sends a similar message as the nail polish, only it's more subtle and is not a turn-off to women. You don't want to be too in-your-face about sending the message that you're anti-macho, because then you risk sending the wrong message--that you're homosexual or that you're trying to hard. Just my humble opinion.
    I also wear pink and buff my nails as well LOL and I'm Hetero, think what you like..right.
    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I am a 12 yo boy in 7grade and i would use nail polish but i dont hav any.
    I do hav a buffing block and i use that alot but not to school usually.
    I am not a leader in this and havnt seen other boys with it, but mabe some insperation...
    oh well I can wait until this becomes the next THING at my school so now i ish wait'n...

    ...any comments? suggestions?...

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I wear nail polish from time to time, and have since ninth grade. I don't dress in a particularly "alternative" way either. I think it's a feminine luxury that mean can easily pull off. Yes, everyone thoughout the day will comment on it, but they'll do that if you do ANYTHING that isn't totally boring. I love seeing nailpolish on hairy, bearded me.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Well this is an old thread, but worth commenting on anyway.

    I am a 54 year old straight guy, balding, but in great shape, who loves to paint my nails. I wear clear on my fingers, but have sported everything from neons to black on my toes, and openly at that. I have had mostly positive comments from women, the only exception was a young lady who was obviously jealous because my feet looked better than hers. I get monthly pedicures, and my nail tech has taken to stocking some colors specially for me. Other guys typically do not seem to notice, or if they do just keep to themselves.

    It's no big deal. I do it because I like the way it looks, and I am secure enough to be myself.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Ditto the above. I have tried OPI's matt nail treatment. It's super!

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Not even a little bit.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Not something I've ever considered. I don't find it all that exciting on women either, esp certain colours.

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    Cool Re: Men and nail polish

    Quote Originally Posted by Scentronic View Post
    I get pedicures every couple of weeks

    Now put a girl wearing five-inch strappy stilletto heels with her toenails painted in front of me, and you've got my full attention
    True, but if I saw her approaching form the rear towards you my first thought would be " OK here's a guy that doesn't know that trouble is about to descend upon him "

    Color nail polish for men? Naw, trying too hard to be cool. Stick to your skull and crossbones extra large and heavy rings and Yakuza tattoos.

    Go subtle . . .

    Clear nail polish? Again, no--unless you happen to be a close-up sleight of hand magician. Then go for it.

    On the other hand if you play poker with bikers, Yakuzas--and women who wear 5 inch stiletto heels avoid it!.
    They might think you really are a a sleight of hand magician moonlighting as a cardshark and dealing from the bottom of the deck--with unfortunate consequences.

    BTW pink was considered by C.G. Jung the color of romance.

    I forgot where the hell Carl wrote about it but it's like this:

    Red= Passion
    White= Purity.

    Hence pink ( red+white) equals true love.


    Mario the Buffed.
    My Wardrobe


    Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    My Antaeus can beat up your Armani.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Men with nail polish?


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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Quote Originally Posted by Partario View Post
    Not even a little bit.
    Same here.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I like to get regular pedicures and manicures. I would like to wear polish on my toes, but haven't decided if I want this to be public in a salon and everything.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Going to revive this a little bit, but I wear nail polish. But that's because I decided to try it out one day after my best friend was all like "OMG let me paint your nails" And I was like "Okay, sure". After that It didn't look too bad and I decided to do it often. Now, I don't exactly paint my nails a Pink, or Bright Red or anything but I do paint them White, Black, Green, Silver, ect. I just like the way it works, and I suppose I'm a person that can pull it off. Although I've gotten weird looks, and compliments from both the male and female gender, and it's just one of those, do whatever you want deals. Its your life, do with it what you want. g/f hates when I'm not wearing nail polish :P

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    The boys also use nail polish, I think it is very normal.

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    Cool Re: Men and nail polish

    Ok, here are my two cents. I am a 44 year old male, twice married, with 3 children. Currently on my second marriage. Pretty normal wouldn't you say? Well yes, I would think of myself as a normal person, and I LIKE TO WEAR NAIL POLISH. I get regular pedicures and manicures. I like to wear dark colors, like cobalt blue or shiny black on my toes. For my hands, I like to wear a french manicure minus the white tips (baby pink base plus a clear top coat). Why do I do this? JUST BECAUSE I LIKE IT! Yeah, I like the way my feet look (and It's me most of the time that look at them), I like the way my nails feel when lacquer is applied, and I enjoy taking care of my hands and feet. Do I have a fetish? NO, Does that make me gay? NO, Does that make me affeminate? NO! I think nail polish is for men who have the guts to wear it not being afraid what other people think. Why the guts part? because narrow minded people do not accept it period. It shouldn't be just for rockers or vamps or the type. I happen to think that wearing a good professionally applied nail color that matches your wordrobe should be ok. At least I don't run my life taking peoples opinions or the status quo. Does my 65 year old mother like it? NO, Does my second wife approve? NO, Do my 5 and 3 year old children care? NO. Do I set a bad example to my children? NO! Totally the opposite! When my 3 year old doughtier saw my toes painted dark blue she said "daddy, your feet look very pretty!" (children always tell the truth) and when my 5 year old boy asked "Daddy, why did you paint your toes blue?" I responded, "because I like to son" end of that. So from my point of view, we can do anything we want as long as it does not offend other people, and people should respect each other. One last thing, when my 65 year old mother or my wife tell me they don't like the way it looks on me, I just respond DONT LOOK AT THEM!. Will society one day accept men wearing nail polish in public? probably not in my lifetime, that's why I didn't wait for society to accept the way I look. I JUST DO IT. Life is too short, just don't do thinks that you will regret later in life, like drugs, have unprotected sex, etc. Nail Polish? It will come come off with remover in 5 minutes.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I definitely wear it- black, dark blue, dark red, even a very dark purple. I have to say I'm laughing at a lot of these comments...trying too hard, nail polish means a guy wants to hang himself, people being skeeved out by it. I don't do it to be "counter-culture" (although I have tats too, so everyone gasp and start the trying too hard, biker, blah blah blah stereotyping nonsense now) and I simply do it because I like the way it looks. If other people don't, it isn't any skin off my nose...In my line of work I can afford to look unconventional, so it works for me.

    As for it supposedly repelling women, that doesn't concern me either, but for whatever it's worth: my female friends are generally into the whole glam rock look and find nail polish on a guy a veritable aphrodesiac. Same with eyeliner. So for all of those who think they can understand everything about a man (and really don't) simply because he wears nail polish, there are two more who will be all over him- in a good way- for it!
    Back after hiatus

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I used it in high school - to make a statement, buy now in getting urges to wear red nail polish AND lipstick......whats wrong with me

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    My girlfriend paints my toes, does that count?

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Nail polish is for women. End of story.

    BTW just my opinion so don't get your panties I mean underwear in a bunch lol

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Same here.

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