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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Uhhhhh..... NO

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Haven't read through this thread.

    I have intention of doing so.


    Some threads on this site remind me of the hashtags on Twitspace or whatever it is the youngsters are melting their brains with.


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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Clear, sometimes. Couldn't really give a toss if it bothers anyone; it's not my problem. Wife is cool with it and her opinion is the only one carries any weight with me ;-)

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    I got no clear cut recollection of ever wearing it. But I'd be amazed to learn for a fact that it never happened in my glam rock teenage years. I definitely remember getting all Alice Cooper with the eyeliner a few times. Maybe it was the 70s or maybe it was the teenager thing. Forty years on I am a bit more restrained.

    Having said that, if I should find myself wearing nail polish somehow, I can't imagine that any of my friends or family would bat an eyelid. It wouldn't be there to make me look sexy, confident or tough. I'd have no reason to flaunt it or hide it. It would just be there. I doubt anyone would be any more concerned about it than my dogs would be.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_Frances View Post
    Never in a million years. Manicure and pedicure but buff shine only for me.

    I'll second that. I used to wear clear nail polish but it would turn yellow and chip. Now I only buff them myself with Sally Hanson's 6 in 1 buffer

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    A good manicure every two weeks or so, and clear nail polish. That is how a gentleman does it.

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    Default Re: Men and nail polish

    Very closely cropped fingernails, otherwise no nail polish ever, not even clear one, so far.

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