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    Default Designer Deodorants

    Has anyone experienced any? And how well do they work? And how long do they last? I will be wearing it for going out, and formal occasions. Would sweat be an issue if I wore it with a T-shirt in summer (not engaging in any active activities, just hanging out). THank you.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    There are many brands, and I can't speak for each of them, as there are surely cheaper and better ones.
    I'm using Tsar and Boucheron's deo sticks, and they are great.
    I used to use Bvlgari pour homme's and it was great too.

    But remember: they are deodorants, not anti-perspirants!
    If you are sweating a lot, which is not my case, they may not solve your problem.
    Mitchum is the best anti-perspirant deo I've tried, and I use the fragrance-free clear gel one.


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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    Thx Francois, I was wary of purchasing one since I wasn't sure if they're just some ineffective deos made to smell like their frag counterparts for some quick buck for the designer. I don't have a sweating problem so I am good to go, to plunk down $10+ for each of these, *sigh*.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    the disadvantege of designerdeos is that U have to wear the same frag....
    Better buying a usual, not to perfumed brand in the store IMO...
    I had several designerdeos and it s not worth the money !
    Good luck !

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    Go with unscented or something lightly scented and skip the designer deo

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    where can I find unscented deos? And when you apply the unscented, you then just spray your frag on it?

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    Any pharmacy store should carry them. If you have CVS or even super markets will have a whole section for stuff like that. I would try a pharmacy first.

    If they are unscented then you can spray whereever you want. There should be no interference. That is the best part of Unscented. I use Old Spice and think it works just fine. Deodorants don't really have any sillage or power to them so they are generally subdued. You wouldn't smell my Old Spice unless I had you in a headlock. Fragrances have sillage and while other people say that the interfere with one another, I dissagree. I've never had a problem. I smell a mix to myself now and then but no one else will be able to smell your deodorant over your fragrance when you walk by...

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    you know envyus, I felt the same way, no matter what deodorant I wear, it never interferes with my cologne. So I kinda feel I wasted my money getting some deos of the same scents I carry...oh well they're summer frags any way so probably will only help with the frag when wearing t-shirts.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    Working in an office situation where several people are sensitive to scents, I've found designer deoderants to be a good solution. I personally can enjoy the scent when I apply it in the morning, and somewhat during the day. I currently have four to choose from (any more, and perhaps they'd start to dry out). Kenzo Pour Homme, Paul Smith London, DG Masculine, and Comme des Garcons Man 2 - the Man 2 is certainly the best - more cologne (reccommend it highly - although packaging can screw up a bit as far as the screw-on cap and repeated use). All the other fragrances are light enough, that I've never found a conflict with other colognes (when I get a chance to wear them), as long as they're in a somewhat similar note range. By the way, Molton Browns Black Pepper Shower Wash (great smelling) is quite good as well for scent sensitive office situations, since it wears fairly close to the skin.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    My job can involve a good deal of sweat now and then, so I stick to the heavy-duty deo/anti-perspirants. Right now I am enjoying Mitchum Sport gel. It works great, and I can't smell the fragrance unless I stick my nose down there.

    I would use unscented, but the scent in Mitchum is so light and inoffensive that I didn't bother.

    Also, I have switched to unscented aftershave. I know that I could buy the aftershaves made for specific frags, but I've decided that my face is one place that just doesn't need to smell that great all the time. I can also just use the same aftershave every day without worrying about what frag I want to wear later. I think this same idea could apply to deoderant.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    Both fahrenheit and herrera PH deodorants (spray) are very good, too bad they don't really smell like their corresponding scent but they are ok on that department, i mean they smell nice too.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    I had the Aramis antiperspirant pressure spray (got it as a freebie with a bag) and that stopped working one day, even though it was nearly full, just a trickle of gas coming out of it.

    I've got Eau Sauvage and Aqua De Portofino deodorant pump sprays, and a few deodorant sticks. All are pretty useless on me where I live - I need antiperspirants. The deodorant sticks with alcohol in them tend to have the best strongest scent in them (and are softer). The D&G Homme stick is nearly as strong as the EDT.

    If Brut can put out a decent antiperspirant pump spray, well, why can't the other designers?

    I have a shower before going to bed. I also then spray my regular cheap antiperspirant on, which lasts a good day. By the time I wake up, the scent has totally gone, and I can apply EDTs to my heart's content.

    I use Mitchum unscented in the roll on bottle if I shower later in the day.
    The Mitchum unscented spray is a nuisance - if you don't shake it well, and apply it too thickly, it leaves big white patches on your shirts after washing, which you have to attack again with prewash and special antistain soap to get off.

    My thoughts are that you only get the designer deodorant when it's in a gift set with the EDT, and it's going significantly cheaper than buying the EDT scent by itself - which is not an uncommon occurrence down here.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    Yea, well i don't anticipate any heavy acitivities when I apply the deos. I wish they would make Anti-perspirants. After all, in winter you can't even smell the deo (or your armpits) under layers and layers of clothing....
    it's a good thing I didn't go overboard with deo purchases (got 6 designer deos for now) because I forgot that if I don't use them they'll dry out...can't wait for summer to arrive...

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    I'm totally with francois re: Mitchum. I also use the gel, works great. I use the unscented and it won't interfere with your SOTD.

    I also have Tsar (ok), Eau Sauvage intense spray (fantastic, really complements the EDT, I don't know about how it works with ES Extreme), Fahrenheit (ok, but probably unnecessary), and M7 (doesn't really smell like the juice, but none of the companion items are meant to smell like the EDT per the YSL website). I haven't used my Lucky You deodorant.

    I also have Caswell Massey #6 deodorant; it smells like the base of the EDC, but since #6 is pretty light anyhow don't expect miracles. Its ok.

    From what I have I'd get the Eau Sauvage intense spray again, but everything else I'd still use the Mitchum.
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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicomte de K
    I'm totally with francois re: Mitchum. I also use the gel, works great. I use the unscented and it won't interfere with your SOTD.
    I wish that Mitchum gel would show up in the shelves down here. I've never seen it.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    OK; for everyone who has the slightest problem with perspiration - get some Aluminum Chloride, and use an unscented deo. Cheap, and total protection.
    For everyone else - forget the designer deos, and go for an unscented deo....

    I can't come to think of one single reason for buying those designer deos.....

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    I use them in the summer as summer fragrances, when the perspiration is higher and they really give you that fresh feeling all day, tried eternity, ckbe, acqua di gio and ck one so far and they all worked great

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    After many years using a variety of deodorants, and finding almost all of them created some sort of irritation or rash, I am now a very happy user of a crystal deodorant stick. They don't stop you sweating, but the minerals in the crystal prevent bacteria growth, hence no smell. They are great! No irritation and they last for ever....

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    I've been using Kiehl's products for several years now and have been very satisfied: shampoo, shower gel, lotion, and their antiperspirant/deodorant. Their products are a little pricey but I feel they are worth it and they have a long history of being high quality. Their deodorant is unscented.

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    Default Re: Designer Deodorants

    I second the crystal deodorant route. I discovered crystals a few years ago and am still amazed at how simple the science is and how well they work. They create an invisible salty environmentunder your arms that allows you to sweat but doesn't allow the bacteria to reproduce. Google "crystal deodorants" and you'll get all the cool science. I used to get horrible rashes and pore blockages in my pits from the deo/anti's I was using and I have finally realized that so long as I wear a cotton T underneath a little sweat is good for you. It's the smell I can't stand. And let me tell you....crystal deodorants last 10 times longer than the chemical stuff we're all trained to think is better and it really does stop the BO. Plus they are a lot cheaper.
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