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    Default Best DE replacement blades

    Howdy all,

    Just bought a DE razor about a month ago and am just getting decent at using it. I currently use Merkur blades as it is a Merkur razor. Are the Feather blades any better? Are there any better blades out there I should try and where can I get them. So far all I see on the net are Merkur and Feather replacement blades. I appreciate any suggestions you gents have.

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    Default Re: Best DE replacement blades

    Here are a few to consider in addition to the ones youve already tried:

    Derby Extra - made in Istanbul. These are my favorite all around blade, you can buy them by the hundred for about $20 shipped on eBay. Not as insanely sharp as the Feathers and not nearly as prone to nicking myself either. They give a nice shave in anything Ive used them in (Merkur HD, Progress, Gillette 1-9, etc)

    Israeli Platinums - These are probably a cut above the Derbys in sharpness yet still a nice shaving blade, at about the same price on eBay. Most of the guys at seem to prefer these.

    If you live in the U.S. and would like to try them, send me a PM and I'll mail off a couple.

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    Default Re: Best DE replacement blades

    Feather user here... mm psycho sharp but what a lovely shave if/when you do it right.

    I really sorta wish I had two razors, one for the mornings when i am perky and one for when I am not.

    Feathers are pretty much as sharp as you are going to find.. I would suggest picking up and alum block to go with them if you are new to shaving. It helps with the slice and dice (feathers or otherwise).

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